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Snyder puts end to ‘moderate’ tag

Gongwer just reported that Gov. Rick Snyder has signed the legislation that bars local governments from making their own decisions on whether to offer benefits to adult partners of their employees. (No link; Gongwer is paywall protected.)

He did this even though he said he didn’t want the bill to apply to universities and some of its legislative backers say it does just that. Apparently, Snyder’s desire for clarity was getting in the way of his departure for his holiday break.

All snark aside, there are two ways to look at this:

1. Rick Snyder believes it is a bad idea for local governments to offer domestic partner benefits — a practice that is common among America’s most successful corporations. To my knowledge, Snyder has not offered any data or evidence for why Fortune 500 firms are being so foolish on this issue.

2. Snyder doesn’t like this idea, but he signed the bill because he’s afraid if he doesn’t, certain individuals in the Legislature who want gay public employees and their families treated as second-class citizens will not support his tax, regulatory and budget agenda. This is in spite of the evidence that the Legislature is not exactly eager to please Snyder — DRIC, transport funding come immediately to mind.

I’m not sure which explanation is worse for Snyder’s reputation.

I am sure this is bad news for Michigan.

4 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. bitterenvy

    Snyder is all that I thought he would be… and worse.

  2. Joe M

    He doesn’t agree with it and has the support of the far right. He also wants to save the state money for more important business initiatives like getting rid of his political enemies by cutting off their support mechanisms. It’s very clear he and his kind want to dominate the world. lol

  3. Grumpy Old Man

    I suspect that if Snyder could, he would do the same to MI as he did to Gateway. Oh, I guess he is doing it, except he is selling MI to multinational corporations.

    By the way, I got a big chuckle out of the display of your investors, who are “investing” in public interest journalism. What a joke!

  4. Mike R

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until enough people wake up and listen: whatever Rick Snyder may have been, he is now clearly a shill for wealthy social conservatives, same as Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and the other candidates pandering to the uber-white, bigoted hypocrites trumpeting their “Christian Faith” [sic] whose goal is to dominate society, change the Constitution, and promote intolerance of anyone who does not share their sick, ignorant, mean-spirited, self-absorbed Luddite view of the world. I fear that it is time to start setting up places to hide our Jewish, Muslim, Gay/Lesbian, Latino, and Black brothers and sisters so we can save them from the Evangelical death squads that we’ll soon be seeing.

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