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Vulnerable children & families

27 Mich. counties dodged welfare cuts

How big of an impact has welfare reform had on you and your neighbors? It depends on where you live.

According to the Department of Human Services, 15,799 fewer families were receiving cash assistance at the end of 2011 than were receiving assistance in September, before the state imposed a lifetime limit on welfare.  Here’s our three-month update on the reform, and story about how several families are surviving.

But in 27 of Michigan’s 83 counties, the number of welfare cases is the same or higher than before the time limit was instituted.

Meanwhile, welfare cases in the state’s most populous county – Wayne County – are down 27 percent. In that one county alone, 8,621 families fewer families are receiving cash assistance.

Here’s another way to look at it: Of all families who have stopped receiving welfare checks since September, 54 percent live in Wayne County.

How has welfare reform affected your county? Check it out here.

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  1. T.W.Donnelly

    Is it possible that the legislature is just writing off Wayne County and Detroit as deserving of government assistance? Would there be any “-isms” involved? Race and class have been part of America’s history since 1776. Attitudes that justified treating some people as non-people “property” made it easy to condone or benefit from slavery. Both Washington and Jefferson had slaves. It was a great system, if you were rich and white.
    Fast-forward to 2012. The attitudes have not really changed much at all. And the disparities of wealth and opportunity are still alive in our modern day culture.
    All people deserve compassion and opportunity, regardless of their county.

  2. s.melvin

    In 2010 we register with the CENSUS…which “give” or makes” each citizen worth $ 10,000 in federal funds from washington …so a familie of 3 is “worth” $ 30,000 …so no more reason to cut families off…..FROM NOW ON the FEDREAL GOVERMENT GIVE that MONEY to each CITZEN …not to the STATE of michigan. WE ARE WORTH ..$$$$$$$$$$m by the way the STATE will come for your Children when they are 18 years old….NATIONAL GUARD…but they STATE didnot take care of you when you where young so from now on ALL ELITE children have to serve. .

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