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Racial grad gaps at Mich. public universities

There is a 22-percent gap between white and black graduation rates atMichiganpublic universities – significantly wider than the national public university racial gap of 16 percent. Wayne State University has the largest racial graduation gap in the state, and the largest in the nation among public universities.

Here are rates for 2009, the most recent year available, for all schools (all figures represent percentages):

Central Michigan University

White: 58.7

Black: 45.2

Gap: 13.5

Eastern Michigan University

White:  45.2

Black: 25.1

Gap: 20.1

Ferris State University

White: 49.2

Black: 21.6

Gap: 27.6

Grand Valley State University

White: 61.4

Black: 55.3

Gap: 6.1

Lake Superior State University

Not available.

Michigan State University

White: 81.0

Black: 58.7

Gap: 22.3

Michigan Tech

White: 66.9

Black: 71.4

Gap: -4.5

Northern Michigan University

White: 46.1

Black: 33.3

Gap: 12.8

Oakland University

White: 45.1

Black: 15.4

Gap: 29.7

Saginaw Valley State University

White: 41.8

Black: 11.7

Gap: 30.1

University of Michigan

White: 94.6

Black: 78.9

Gap: 15.7

University of Michigan-Dearborn

White: 50.3

Black: 34.5

Gap: 15.8

University of Michigan-Flint

White: 47.3

Black: 27.3

Gap: 20.0

Wayne State University

White: 44.6

Black: 8.6

Gap: 36.0

Western Michigan University

White: 55.6

Black: 39.7

Gap: 15.9

Source: The Education Trust

4 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. mrreylou

    Is the world only black and white? Really??????

    1. TRoss

      To make this information credible you need to know the percent of black students that make up the total student population. In addition, it would be helpful to know the programs utilized at each university to encourage minority students to attend a university.

  2. Tam

    You have to *want* a top notch education to attend Michigan Tech regardless of color, hence the negative number :>) With the exception of Tech, UofM and State, the graduation numbers are pretty depressing regardless of color – perhaps there is more to the problems of retention than race?

  3. Duane

    I wonder what the statistics would look like if it were broken down by high schools the students attended, the academic experience of their parents, the family structure, I wonder what it is for other ethnic groups, I wonder what it is based on admission criteria (does the low ACT a real indicator or are all test bad indicators)? I wonder if the Bridge really cares about the successes or can they only look for failure.

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