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Quality of life

Michigan’s map of LUST

There are approximately 9,100 underground storage tanks in Michigan (LUSTs in environmental parlance) leaking fuel into the surrounding soils and water. While more than 13,000 such sites have been cleaned up over the years, Michigan’s current backlog is the second-largest in the nation. Half of the current sites fall under the responsibility of the state — and the fuel tax levy that’s long been used to fund cleanups is scheduled to expire at the end of 2012, barring action from the Legislature. Michigan’s cleanup efforts have, in fact, dropped by nearly 90 percent since 1997. (Map below courtesy of Circle of Blue. NOTE: Map is best viewed with Firefox or Chrome browser.)

Click to open the interactive Google Fusion Tables map and explore Michigan’s LUST sites.

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  1. T.W.Donnelly

    We have state government in bed with business. These sites need to be cleaned up now. Cleanup costs money, which should come from the businesses who created the mess in the first place.
    Our legislature is too busy trying to cripple working people,so these cleanup sites receive no attention. This just one more reason to vote the all out!

  2. Neil

    How about a report on how a site cleanup is done? Does nature have mechanisms to clean up a site over time? There have been oil seeps prehistoric, before man?

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