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Knowing is half the battle

Bridge Magazine’s prime focus is to provide top-flight, in-depth journalism on key state issues. But what happens if you produce a top-flight story and few hear about it?

That’s why Bridge is committed to working with allies in the news media to amplify coverage — and to getting the message out about what’s happening at

Last week, Center for Michigan President John Bebow appeared on “Off the Record,” the statewide public affairs show broadcast by WKAR. The discussion topic was the state of media coverage in Lansing and across Michigan.

“We are trying to augment (other outlets’ coverage) with some in-depth reporting,” Bebow noted to OTR host Tim Skubick.

Mark Hornbeck, a former State Capitol reporter for Detroit News, said, “We need something like Bridge Magazine to fill in the in-depth coverage.”

Check out the complete segment by clicking here.

* Paul Keep, who leads the print news efforts for the reorganized Booth/MLive organization — with newspapers in Grand Rapids, Flint, Muskegon, Jackson, Saginaw, Bay City and Kalamazoo — talked about MLive’s new alliance with Bridge in his weekly column.

“The online Bridge Magazine, on the other hand, is a new way to approach journalism with a team of seasoned journalists who fill its website with thoughtful work,” he wrote.

Read Keep’s complete analysis here.

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