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24 April 2012

“True friendship can afford true knowledge. It does not depend on darkness and ignorance” — Henry David Thoreau.

* Bridge reported last week that a center of contention in efforts to streamline state regulations may be how the state regulates — some might even say hampers — the alcoholic beverage market. TheMackinacCenter for Public Policy has long had the Michigan Liquor Control Commission in its sights — and it is happy to share with you the many reasons why:

* This seems exceedingly relevant to many of the policy discussions going on in Michigan right now: Cities = economic strength.

* Aubrey McClendon runs a huge petro firm in Oklahoma City. He also happens to own property on the Lake Michigan shoreline near Saugatuck (via a firm called Singapore Dunes LLC). His plans for using said property, which are now covered with sand dunes, has been the center of a major fight involving questions of zoning, fair treatment, conservation and local control. Now he seems to have some trouble closer to home:

* A former General Motors production site gets a cool new name — Site36. Now all it needs is actual business activity:

* Comerica used to be based in Michigan. It’s now based in Texas. It just reported a big boost in loan earnings in Michigan– but is reducing its loan business in the state. I guess there’s a reason I don’t have an MBA:

* Stryker Corp. was based in Michigan. Oh wait, it still is based in Michigan — Kalamazoo to be exact. The medical equipment firm also had a good first quarter of 2012:

* When thinking of Michigan, one doesn’t usually think of dude ranches, but a big resort ranch located between Muskegon and Pentwater in West Michigan is looking to hire a bunch of people for the summer:

2 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. Loyal Reader

    I am upset that the MacCenter still has not explored deregulating our antiquated vehicle code! Why should Americans be limited to driving on the right side of the road? And if they could propose eliminating red lights, or speed limits, the Michigan economy would flourish! Just a thought!

  2. Mike Tobias

    The Mackinac Center’s recommendations regarding Liquor Laws and Rules are absolutely the wrong direction to go. Our policy makers need to look at all sides of the issues and understand that all of us taxpayers are paying thousands of dollars a year on alcohol related harm. Deregulating alcohol will only make these problems worse. Michigan needs to have stronger alcohol safeguards to protect our children and communties. From a public policy perspective policy makers need to familiarize themselves with the Task Force on Community Prevention.

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