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7 June 2012

“True scholarship consists in knowing not what things exist, but what they mean; it is not memory but judgment” — James Russell Lowell 19th century American poet and editor.

Welcome to a special Ron French edition of Land O Links. Each link you see here was recommended by Bridge’s senior writer, a master of the written word and excellent armchair coach for his beloved Purdue Boilermakers.

* The small business sector reports large job figures, though most of them are in the “owner/operator” category. An expert recently told Bridge that such “forced entrepreneurship” was something best avoided. But, if you can’t avoid it, has developed a set of tips for people looking to become the owner because no one would make them the employee:

* The University of Michigan is a well-rounded center of learning. In global rankings, U-M scored in the top 20 schools on planet Earth in six categories.

No. 7 in social sciences

No. 13 in arts and humanities

No. 14 in engineering and technology (Ron’s alma mater, Purdue, came in at No. 39 on this one.)

No. 15 in clinical, pre-clinical and health

No. 16 in physical sciences

No. 19 in life sciences

* The leaders of a Texas-based contractor hired to help in the cleanup of the Kalamazoo River after an oil pipeline failed in 2010 have been indicted by the federal government on allegations that they used illegal immigrants to work on the cleanup, busing “undocumented workers” from south Texas to Kalamazoo:

* A decade after No Child Left Behind shook up the world of public schooling, what will be the next wave of school reform?:

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