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14 December 2012

* Michigan is No. 15 among the states for its reliance on coal to produce electricity, according to these figures. While Michigan voters rejected a constitutional amendment to mandate a greater use of renewable energy sources for electric power, the trend is toward less coal. And Michigan is far from alone on that front, as Matt Yglesias details: “Traditionally, coal used to be your go-to fuel for 24/7 power generation and then gas would surge on or off according to demand. Cheap gas means more reliance on gas for baseload and much less coal consumption. In the longer term, this means people won’t build new coal plants and we’ll get substantially cleaner air.”

* Project Neon is a tumblr site that focuses on neon signage in New York City. Neon is a pet interest here at Bridge — as you can see from this slideshow of neon signs in Michigan drawn from our flickr page.

* Let me indulge my inner cranky old man: Read a map, people!

* If people don’t have a sense of direction, those wonderful little machines can put you in a spot of bother.

* Everyone’s heard about the impending doom for the polar bear, but the bears are so far away — plus they would kill you if they had half the chance.

Now, though, we have science types talking about climate change taking away our bread and pasta! Time to get serious, folks.

* The term “microburst” does not do justice to the power contained in this weather phenomenon, as these photos from Montana attest.

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