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Talent & education

Presenting Bridge’s Academic State Champs 2012

Fifty-two school districts and charter schools across the state were named 2012 Academic State Champs by Bridge Magazine by finishing in the top 10 of at least one Value-Added Matrix ranking. By finishing in the top 10, these schools were in the top 2 percent of schools in the state. The winners, ranging from small rural districts to urban charter schools, are the state’s best at raising student achievement above expected scores for the student body’s income level, according to a formula developed by Bridge Magazine and the Lansing research firm of Public Sector Consultants. See how we did it.

Top Ten — Traditional public schools

Top Ten — Charter schools

Top Ten — By 4th grade scores

Top Ten — By 8th grade scores

Top Ten — By high school scores

Top Ten — Affluent schools

Top Ten — Low-income schools

Top Ten — City schools

Top Ten — Rural schools

















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