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School experts, parents will review K-12 report in televised townhall

On March 6 the Center for Michigan will host a televised townhall meeting in partnership with Detroit Public Television on the future of education in Michigan to discuss the nonprofit think tank’s latest report: “The Public’s Agenda for Public Education: How Michigan citizens want to improve student learning.”

This event will be aired live from 10 a.m. to noon, and it will be hosted by veteran journalist Christy McDonald. Coverage will feature an interview with Gov. Rick Snyder and two panel discussions featuring leading education experts from across Michigan.

Event details

On TV:Live television coverage in Southeast Michigan can be found — starting at 10 a.m. — at over-air Channel 56.2, Comcast Channel 287, Bright House Channel 155 or Charter Channel 432.

On the Web: The event will be available live at, where it also will be archived for “on demand” viewing.

“The Center for Michigan has organized this event to offer Southeast Michigan residents an opportunity to hear the findings of our education-focused community conversations, as well as reactions to these findings from panels of experts in the education field,” said Amber Toth, outreach director for CFM. “This interactive event will offer participants an opportunity to ask questions of these panelists and learn how they can help students in their community, region and state reach academic success.”

Residents may send in questions via Twitter to pose to the panel of experts. A full list of panelists can be viewed at

Send your questions to @CenterforMI with hashtag #FutureEdMI anytime up to noon on March 6.

Additionally, The Center for Michigan welcomes you to embed the live webcast on your personal or organizational website, using the instructions outlined in this document:

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