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Interactive Map: Job Growth by Region

Not every region in the state will fare the same in the next decade, according to job projections done for Bridge Magazine. Below are three looks at the forecasts.

In the top graphic, we compare a region’s jobs to its respective population. The bottom bar represents the region’s percentage of the state’s population.

The other two look at the projected growth (on the bottom right) and anticipated wages (on the bottom left). In the case of wages, those are in today’s dollars.

Ignore the selection titled ‘All’.

Source: Bridge used projections made by Economic Modeling Specialists Inc., in Idaho, based on federal Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data

Mike Wilkinson is Bridge’s computer-assisted reporting specialist. Mike held a similar role at the Detroit News, and was also part of a team at The Blade of Toledo that in 2006 won national honors for stories detailing the "Coingate" scandal, including a finalist spot for a Pulitzer Prize.

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  1. Robert

    Have any of the other regions in the state been analyzed? Are they available?

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