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Talent & education

Big Ten ACT scores soar

Rich getting richer

ACT scores have risen substantially at a number of Big Ten schools as a growing pool of talented students has made it more difficult to get into the region's best public universities. Toggle between the schools to see how the average composite scores of incoming freshmen have changed since 2001.

Big 10 average Michigan Michigan State Ohio State Indiana Purdue Illinois Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Nebraska NorthwesternPenn State

Note: Newest Big Ten members Rutgers and Maryland do not report ACT scores. The SAT is more prevalent on the East Coast.

9 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. Dave Maxwell

    Go figure: if the UM students are so darn smart, why are they so gullible to their ultra progressive professors?

    1. EB

      Because they’re smart enough to recognize BS when they see it.

  2. Eileen Kippen

    NOW, publish the SAT scores! There will be a marked difference.

    1. Mike Wilkinson

      Eileen: There is a difference but it is a harder ‘metric’ to compare because of the two tests and how the scoring has changed over time.

  3. NIna Ignaczak

    How did you do this chart, it’s great!

    1. Mike Wilkinson

      Thanks. We did it with data from the National Center for Education Statistics and javascript from a company called Highcharts. We’re glad you like it.

  4. john Herold

    I’m guessing that your next chart might be a comparison of percentages of students of color at each school. With big dollars being spent to improve diversity at these schools, it should be an interesting chart to show how the various schools have changed.

    Then compare the ACT averages and see if any of those changes are similar to changes in percentages of “underrepresented minorities” on those schools.

  5. Willie_the_Wild_Cat

    Once again NU shows that it is the premier educational institution in the Big 10. Go Cats!!

  6. ***

    Maybe the education system in the US is not so horrible after all?

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