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7 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. Katherine Erickson

    Vicksburg Community Schools truly care about kids and their future. This is a wonderful school district!

  2. Katherine Erickson

    A wonderful learning environment with caring teachers! Big school benefits– Small school environment!

  3. Eric

    Can confirm. This is an excellent school. I went there 2001-2005.

  4. nygizak

    Hamtramck Academy is number 4! Great work!

  5. Dr.A

    Very proud of SASA—#1. We do a lot with a little, and we have great students, great parental support, great staff and faculty.

  6. Janeen Bush

    Jackson High School-striving each day for student success for ALL students! Go Vikings!!

  7. Sue

    Angell is a great school, but it’s low income are all the kids of parent’s getting their MD, PhD’s or MBA’s at Michigan. Most are from China .

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