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Interactive database: See how YOUR high school stacks up

Check out Michigan high schools

Online Database by Caspio
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6 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. Terry Larkin

    Do you have New Branches Charter Academy in your database? I entered it in and nothing comes up.

    1. Mike Wilkinson

      Is it a high school? I do not see it in the master state list of all high schools with ACT scores in 2014-15. — Mike Wilkinson

  2. Nathan Seiferlein

    Merritt Academy is not coming up in this search. We are a Pre-K through 12th grade school located in New Haven, Michigan.

  3. Bill Perkins

    What is the per student state funding for all the schools?

  4. Kathryn Trull

    Buchanan High School did not come up when I searched . Is it in the data available?

  5. Jack Matthias

    I have a question for someone involved in putting the scores together – based on the reply above I’m guessing perhaps Mike Wilkinson is involved. I am on the school board in Hillman and we are focusing on the Bridge scores as one measure of our performance. My understanding is that the “poor” rating is from the percentage of kids eligible for free or reduced lunch prices. I asked our business manager and food service manager about our numbers as I had been told they were higher than shown in the survey results (Elementary 57.7%, JR High 56.1% and High School 45%). Our district wide results as reported to the state are September 68%, October 67%, Nov 73% and January 71%. The breakdown for January is HS 66% and Elem 76%. I don’t think there is a breakdown separating Jr and Senior high numbers – all in the same lunch room.- but I will ask. So in the survey, they are running about 20 points below our actual numbers, and 5 to 18% below surrounding districts that I think have pretty similar economics. Is there an error?

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