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A Truth Squad companion/Public sector

THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY: Rating comments of public officials and experts on the Flint water crisis

This gallery of quotes provides a guide to more than 30 statements attributed to public officials, government regulators, and other drinking water and public health experts throughout the Flint drinking water saga.

Each quote is marked at the top with one of three labels:

  1. “Bad Information” – a statement that ultimately turns out to be seriously incorrect.
  2. “Outrageous Statement” – a statement that is not only seriously incorrect, but suggests some combination of irresponsibility, insensitivity, or a serious lack of professional judgement or urgency in dealing with the lead-poisoning crisis.
  3. “Truth Telling.” – accurate, revelatory statements that ultimately lead to full exposure of the lead crisis in Flint drinking water.

This gallery summarizes far more detailed information within the Michigan Truth Squad’s Flint Water Disaster Timeline.

  • flint-slide-1
    1st quote – April 25, 2014 City of Flint press release issued as Flint switches to Flint River water as its drinking water source. The press release is issued on joint letterhead from state-appointed Emergency Manager Darnell Earley and Mayor Dayne Walling.

    2nd quote – Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, in April 2014, as the city makes its drinking water switch to the Flint River.

  • flint-slide-2
    1st quote – Flint Department of Public Works Director Howard Croft, in April 2014, as the city makes its drinking water switch to the Flint River.

    2nd quote– Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, in June 2014, as city residents begin complaining about the foul smell, taste, and color of the water flowing from their taps.

5 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. Tony

    This is a very interesting piece. However, it is quite strange that not a single comment or statement made by Governor Snyder has been included. Snyder’s made many comments asserting that he wasn’t aware of the severity of the crisis until early October stretches beyond credulity. His claim in the SOS that the crisis began with the decision by local authorities to join the Karagondi Water Authority -meets a standard of dishonesty and deception that ought to qualify as an “outrageous statement”. Last week when asked why he only released emails about Flint for 2014-2015 he claimed that those were the only years he was “asked for”! The Truth Squad will have to dig deep to assign a term to evaluate a lie of such grandeur.

  2. R.L.

    Good one rightly assume that prior to switching to the Flint river for water that it would be tested. Any water specialist or scientist would determine if any chemicals would have to be added to make the water safe or have any affects on the lining of the pipes.????????? Will anyone be held criminally liable for what has happened. Replacing every line in Flint.????????????? Sometimes this reminds me of the Love Canal of many, many years ago. R.L.

  3. Bill

    FOUL. Bridge can do better reporting than this.

    “Marc Edwards………..and concludes that, overall, Flint’s water, in his survey, is well above the 15 parts per billion that should have sparked serious state or federal intervention.”

    I just looked at the DEQ web site data reports and OVERALL, residential tap water testing does not exceed the 15 ppb lead action level. This is not to say there is no lead exposure at an alarming number of Flint homes.

    1. Rick

      DEQ was a huge part of the problem here and clearly lied and distorted facts.

      And you’re citing them?!

  4. Will

    Unfortunately, Gov Rick is so Teflon coated by his Rep State cronies, he will let all of the blame slide off to scapegoats in his circle of appointees and lower level electrodes. The Love Canal reference was one that I also had thoughts about. Chemical contamination hurts everyone – present and future.
    The Congressional Committee hearing should include The Tough Nerd. Can he side step them forever? Send a plane and US Marshalls to his Ann Arbor home and force the issue!

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