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Economy & competitive position


10 counties with lowest jobless rate

Ranking as of April 2016

Source: Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget

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5 comments from Bridge readers.Add mine!

  1. Joseph Haas

    St. Joseph, Michigan is NOT in St. Joseph County!! Please change picture, too many beautiful sites in St. Joseph County, not to share!!

    1. AJ

      Thanks Joseph. Photo has been updated

  2. george

    With perhaps the exception of Washtenaw County (correct me if I’m wrong), the named counties are in the southwestern quadrant of the state, which has traditionally been conservative and voted that way in the past. My question is that if Democrats in general, and Mr. Obama in particular get the blame for economic woes in Michigan, does he not get at least some of the praise for initiatives that have helped our economy, or does that solely go to Mr. Snyder, or maybe to the counties only for pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps? Comments welcome.

    1. Rich

      I am not a small business owner, but I understand small business. It has been said that small business accounts for 75% or greater of jobs created. Small business is usually a family affair. As such, laws that affect their bottom line are very important. Anything that is done to reduce their taxes, reduce their expenses such as business licences, permits, and such, are greatly appreciated and allow them to expand and hire more. Conversely, anything that increases taxes, increases expenses, reduces revenue is something that would cause them to contract their business. IMHO, Republicans are good for business, and democrats are bad.

  3. Mike

    “Fallsburg” is actually “Fallasburg” Park, states my Lowell-native wife.

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