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Vulnerable children & families


Think America doesn’t give a damn about Flint? 15,000 donors disagree

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    An 89-year-old Michigan woman donates $20 a month “until she dies” to help Flint’s children. A 10-year-old California boy tells friends to bring Flint donations rather than gifts to his birthday party. From hard-core prisoners in Oregon to tap dancers in Ann Arbor, more than 15,000 people have opened their hearts and wallets to help people affected by the lead-poisoning crisis. What follows are portraits of a few who gave to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund, operated by The Community Foundation of Greater Flint.

    (photo courtesy of MLive)

  • The11-year-old

    The 11-Year-Old

    Davison, Mich., sixth-grader Claire Mattern was looking for a community project, and found it a few miles west in the children of Flint. “They’re in pain and are growing up in a rough city,” Claire said. “They deserve to grow up with a life full of opportunity. Not one where the water can hurt you.”

    Claire designed a T-shirt, and planned to sell a few to neighbors and donate the profits to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund, which supports the long-term needs of Flint children. Neighbors told other neighbors. Word spread on social media. Within weeks, Claire was getting T-shirt orders from strangers as far away as Alabama and Alaska. She has sold roughly 500 T-shirts at this website and donated about $2,000. “It was overwhelming,” Claire said, “but exciting at the end.”

    (courtesy photo)

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  1. Aaron

    So proud of you Claire! ! This is so inspirational, really goes to show that you can do anything no matter who you are if you apply some effort! Everything your doing is for the right reasons, and there are very few out there that really care anymore! Your parents and I are very lucky to have an influence like you in your generation! Keep up the good work, never look down, you will bring great things to this world!

  2. William Plumpe

    And after the Flint water disaster Americans would actually consider electing a Republican/businessman/outsider to be President of the United States because “he speaks his mind”? Just because you speak your mind doesn’t mean you can’t say something really stupid. You’ve got to be kidding. Think of the Flint water disaster on a national scale. That’s the risk for America if Trump’s elected President.

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