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Aaron Foley is a freelance writer in Detroit who regularly contributes to Jalopnik and whose work has appeared in Forbes, and elsewhere.

After a year, Belle Isle still welcomes people of color, but…

The stepped-up police presence that makes Detroit’s island park more attractive to suburbanites can still strike fear in the hearts of city residents.

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Mackinac Conference should address race in Detroit in Detroit

A long-overdue talk on race won’t yield results in the gleaming corridors of the Grand Hotel. The powers that be need to get out of their comfort zone and into city neighborhoods for any real discussion, and change, to take shape.

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Downtown crowds rinsed of all color? That’s not Pure Michigan

We can understand out-of-town media outlets for excluding people of color from their depictions of Michigan city life, but not our very own tourism campaign.

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Detroit’s blank canvas offers a chance to talk about…sorry about that

From clichés to spur-of-the-moment renaming of the city’s neighborhoods, a native Detroiter has a few bones to pick with you guys.

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As we watch ‘new Detroit’ set up shop, let’s not forget the good old one

It’s not just farm-to-table restaurants and co-working spaces that make the city what it is. “New” may be code for “white” and “old” for “black,” but they’re all part of the mix.

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Detroit’s tapestry includes many threads, and these are one family’s

Do you know a Detroiter who can’t stop talking about race? There may be a good reason you can’t even comprehend happening to your own family.

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How about a cease-fire for Michigan pyrotechnics?

Three years of relaxed fireworks restrictions have sowed bad blood between neighbors, terrorized pets and set city leaders fuming. Is freedom worth it?

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Indebted millennial to boomer: Do we have you to thank for this?

John Schneider’s column on student-loan debt touched a nerve with another Brunch columnist, and Aaron Foley has a few things he’d liked to get off his chest.

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Picnic, play, pulled over? It’s not just at Belle Isle, for some

Obviously, law enforcement in Michigan’s newest state park is important. But longtime visitors have their own good reasons for fearing the long arm of the law.

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