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Brandon Hubbard is a freelance reporter and former staff writer for the Petoskey News-Review. He served in the U.S. Army in Iraq from 2007-08, and will eat anything for brunch, as long as you are cooking. The views and assertions of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect those of Bridge or The Center for Michigan.

Fratricide at Fort Hood brings veteran mental health back to forefront

Soldiers so often suffer far after their deployments end. Congress and the president are in rare agreement that more money is needed for veterans’ mental health services.

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When the call comes, these Michigan volunteers will be ready

What can draw 100 people into the frozen northern Michigan woods for three days of classroom and outdoor survival training? Nothing but the warmth in their own hearts.

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A simple fix could enlarge GOP tent; will they make it?

A hot air balloon is aloft over Lansing. Various GOP corners have rebuked Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema for two weeks about inflammatory remarks he posted online. The latest comments to draw criticism were his endorsement of a Russian anti-gay propaganda law […]

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In Indian gaming case, little hope of a jackpot

Maybe the best way to understand how a tiny tribal slot casino came to hold the fate of the nation’s tribal gaming under its little roof is to drive the 300-mile I-75 northbound corridor between the Detroit and the Mackinac Bridge. Long […]

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No-fault reform would leave crash victims vulnerable

A few years ago I found myself sitting in the back seat of a burning Jeep, stunned and not breathing. It was a late summer night, and my friend had taken his eyes off U.S. 31 long enough for the Grand Cherokee […]

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Suit up under the dome for Lansing’s fantasy legislature

If there was a Michigan Fantasy Legislature, who would be the top draft pick? OK, hear me out. I was listening to an NPR radio piece about the rise of fantasy sports and related gambling last week. My ear was bent because […]

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For military spouses, a needed break; for Legislature, a call to act

I really wanted to tell a story this time, a sad one. The kind where a young soldier-dad passes off a newborn baby to his new wife, just before boarding a plane in Las Vegas to go to Iraq at the height […]

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Down-and-dirty Tough Mudder lures athletes with warrior mystique

At this war, everyone is wearing running shoes. We’ve just climbed an eight-foot wall to get onto the battlefield. “Come in, come in here, bring it in,” the starter says in his canvas gray patrol cap, getting serious for a second. “Take […]

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Primary-less politics leaves out public’s interests to service financial necessity

Cover politics like a tennis match. That depressing advice came from a former political reporter I met just before taking my current job. Maybe he meant – me being a former sports reporter – to cover the volleys between the two competing […]

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Don’t dredge away nature fund’s value

When I moved from Northern Virginia after a stint in the Army about three years ago, I wanted to live back home in rural Michigan. Commuting bumper-to-bumper into Washington, D.C., was not how I envisioned my adult years. I wanted to live […]

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