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Gabriel S. Sanchez is a researcher and writer in Grand Rapids. His latest book, "The Principles and Practice of International Aviation Law," was just published by Cambridge University Press. For brunch, Gabriel is partial to a tall glass of tap water with no more than two ice cubes.

In the selfie-sharing age, is a DNA sample an invasion of privacy?

Michigan’s new law allowing law enforcement to collect DNA from felony arrestees has civil libertarians upset, but as society’s definition of privacy evolves, the case may be moot.

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Is it time to leave filling judicial openings to the experts?

Nothing personal, but the best people to select judges may not be the voting public. Could an appointment system work better?

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Why did this conservative stay home on Election Day?

In the Republican landslide this week, a West Michigan resident looks at the deep-red landscape and wonders why he can’t get enthusiastic about any of it.

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An evolving world needs lawyers ready to deal with change in all forms

One Michigan lawyer says it’s time to overhaul the ‘Paper Chase’ model of legal education and prepare for the issues of a rapidly evolving world.

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There’s more to conservatism than genuflecting before ‘free markets’

For such a religious place, West Michigan could stand to turn its eyes away from the cash register from time to time.

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Anti-panhandling ordinances should offend our moral conscience

Beggars are unsightly and discomfiting, but we’re called to help them, not shove them out of sight and out of mind.

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In the Amash-Ellis throwdown, a chance to get back to conservative basics

If the movement is going to get beyond bumper stickers and sound bites, why can’t it start in the palm of the Mitten?

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Why ‘banning the box’ for reformed offenders is the real quality of mercy

Forcing ex-cons to lead with their records on job applications is as effective as a facial tattoo – at keeping them unemployed.

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