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Larry Gabriel is a freelance Detroit Metro Times contributor who was named Best Columnist by the Association for Alternative Newsmedia in 2012. He believes there is wisdom in blues lyrics and that the best brunch is poached salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado. The views and assertions of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect those of Bridge or The Center for Michigan.

Climate change, pollution, cancer – environment is a justice issue

The poor and people of color are disproportionately affected when temperatures rise and industrial waste exacts its toll.

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Once vilified, Coleman Young deserves reconsideration

Time has put the former Detroit mayor’s reputation in perspective, 20 years after he left office, and sooner, if you were ever stopped by a STRESS unit.

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Duggan’s Detroit mayoralty: The start of something big, or just a start?

The stakes could hardly be higher, and the job any harder, for new Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. He’s saying the right things, but the future is still cloudy.

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Is medical marijuana ready for the children’s ward?

Michigan residents are uneasily accepting the idea of marijuana being used as medicine by adults. But what about children?

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Outside the spotlight, a neighborhood gem shines in Detroit

Reinvigorating Detroit isn’t all about clearing blighted neighborhoods, fighting crime and wondering where the next job is coming from. Not to mention working through an unprecedented civic bankruptcy. Sometimes it’s about stabilizing a community that has not gone to the dogs but […]

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Detroit’s entrepreneurs aren’t all young and white

Gerald Watson plans on hosting a competition he’s calling Detroit’s Next Executive Chef at Mo’ Betta Blues, his new restaurant and club. The competition, modeled after similar shows on cable television, is part of the soft opening of the restaurant, located in […]

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Longtime educator believes schools can do better by doing differently

I ran into Carmen N’Namdi at the opening of the “Detroit Resurgent” photo exhibit opening at the Michigan State University Museum recently. Although we were at an art opening, N’Namdi’s mind was on education. That makes sense. She founded the private Nataki […]

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3-D printing is new way to make things, in state where manufacturing thrives

The 3-D printer is no Star Trek replicator, but it’s pretty darn close. The futuristic machine could well be the next big thing in manufacturing, and substantially change the way we make things in southern Michigan for the first time since Henry […]

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Detroit, a tale of two cities – and worth checking out

Things are pretty tough in Detroit, what with an emergency manager and a possible bankruptcy lurking just around the corner. But despite that, there are enough good things going – the Midtown boom, Dan Gilbert’s investments, Mike Ilitch’s plans and the M1 […]

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Dig it: Detroit’s urban farms are nothing new, but newly popular

In the 1950s, my dad would take me and my siblings fishing in the Detroit River two or three times a week during fishing season. We’d haul in buckets of perch, bass and pan fish, or the occasional catfish or carp. We […]

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Medical marijuana is legal; Michigan needs sensible policy to provide it

Nearly five years after the passage of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, the biggest obstacle for patients who want to use marijuana remains … actually getting some. That’s why House Bill4271, the Medical Marihuana Provisioning Center Regulation Act, is so important. Introduced by […]

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