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Brunch with Bridge

Welcome to Brunch with Bridge!
Every Sunday, you'll find in this space one or more guest columns by interesting Michigan residents with something interesting to say about life in our state. We hope you'll find it a place to stop by regularly, read, and comment.

Archived columns

Before Black History Month slips away, consider Michigan’s rich diversity of accomplishment

In the last week of February, take time to learn about notable African Americans from the state where we live. Most you’ve probably never heard of.

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Vaccine refusers, and sympathizers, need to remember government’s role

If “freedom isn’t free,” as they say, one payment may be to remember that “promote the general welfare” part of the Constitution.

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A broader deer hunt would save fenders and feed the needy

Michigan’s roadways can look like boulevards of broken Bambis, but if we really wanted to cut down on car-deer collisions, we’d allow a judicial increase in deer hunting.

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In the selfie-sharing age, is a DNA sample an invasion of privacy?

Michigan’s new law allowing law enforcement to collect DNA from felony arrestees has civil libertarians upset, but as society’s definition of privacy evolves, the case may be moot.

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New year, old battles and an upcoming year of more of the same (only worse)

Barack Obama and Rick Snyder are very different politicians, but in similar positions. One has gone on the offensive. It doesn’t seem to be on the other’s agenda. That, and other early portents, suggest an upcoming political year even nastier than the last.

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As some take aim at school choice, Legislature is unlikely to agree

Proposal A opened a wealth of choices for parents and students, but some see the ensuing marketplace as too fragmented to serve students well.

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Step by step, bit by Fitbit, self-improvement becomes a losing game

Some people can turn anything into a contest – even a friendly competition to improve one’s health. Running in place at the stove, anyone?

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He’s had more than three strikes, and it’s time for Agema to go

Michigan’s Republican National Committeeman has disgraced himself, and his party, with a series of bigoted, hateful posts on his social-media pulpit.

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When does freeway construction put us on a road to nowhere?

In Detroit, they paved Paradise Valley, and put up I-375. The people who lived in the way? Collateral damage, as always. Why can’t we consider the human cost of coddling the car?

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Downtown crowds rinsed of all color? That’s not Pure Michigan

We can understand out-of-town media outlets for excluding people of color from their depictions of Michigan city life, but not our very own tourism campaign.

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Kid, load the dishwasher and build a little character while you’re at it

The common household chore, i.e., a job done by a complaining juvenile, appears to be an endangered species. Why is that?

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Is it time to leave filling judicial openings to the experts?

Nothing personal, but the best people to select judges may not be the voting public. Could an appointment system work better?

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Power outage was Lansing’s unwelcome Christmas gift, but a gift just the same

It drove people from their homes, stressed the whole city and fouled up the celebration, but at the end, going nine days without electricity was a blessing after all. (Sorta.)

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Under its blanket of snow, Michigan’s most Christmas-perfect region makes memories

The Upper Peninsula in winter looks like a Currier and Ives print. And what’s for dinner on the big day? How about some venison?

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Before the lame duck is carved, a few words for the room

My fellow lawmakers, my honored guests, my staff and family and sergeant at arms: Before I go back to my district, there are some things I’d like to put in the record…

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Traffic-jam thoughts on the road to incivility

There’s nothing like a powerful steel chariot to make a person feel strong, free — and rude.

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No debates? As long as candidates get a vote, get used to it

Debates, town halls and other election-season events are undeniably good for voters – and the media. But candidates see little upside, and lately are deciding not to participate.

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Detroit’s blank canvas offers a chance to talk about…sorry about that

From clichés to spur-of-the-moment renaming of the city’s neighborhoods, a native Detroiter has a few bones to pick with you guys.

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