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Brunch with Bridge

Welcome to Brunch with Bridge!
Every Sunday, you'll find in this space one or more guest columns by interesting Michigan residents with something interesting to say about life in our state. We hope you'll find it a place to stop by regularly, read, and comment.

Archived columns

This west Michigan conservative pulls the lever for voter participation

Is the system so broken that a principled Catholic conservative can’t be a part of it? This one takes issue with a previous Brunch columnist, and says no.

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Zero-tolerance policy abuse cuts like a knife – and slashes young lives

It’s one of those things that sounds good on paper: Caught with a weapon? Automatic expulsion. But no one ever went on a rampage with a Swiss Army knife.

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Why did this conservative stay home on Election Day?

In the Republican landslide this week, a West Michigan resident looks at the deep-red landscape and wonders why he can’t get enthusiastic about any of it.

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Political money flourishes in the dark – and the sun set with Citizens United

Four years after Citizens United, it looks like this game-changing court case is here to stay – along with the out-of-state millionaires whose money is shaping Michigan’s policy.

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You can take the boy out of the U.P., and this one went into showbiz

Actor Stephen Wiig talked his way from Negaunee into Metallica’s road crew, and from there he hasn’t really looked back.

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If you #lovelansing – or any community or charity – consider Giving Tuesday

When you’re doing your holiday shopping, don’t forget the charities that need tending, especially at this time of year. Giving Tuesday, after Thanksgiving, is the newly designated day.

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Confessions of a RINO, and no, he’s not a bit sorry

Say it loud: He’s sane and he’s proud. At least, this outgoing GOP county chairman is unwilling to align himself with the fringes of his own party, and he suspects there are others out there, too.

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Young people? Blow up the political system, for your own good

Grandparents vote, and politicians know it. That’s why older people get far more attention from policy-makers. Younger ones would be wise to remember this.

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As we watch ‘new Detroit’ set up shop, let’s not forget the good old one

It’s not just farm-to-table restaurants and co-working spaces that make the city what it is. “New” may be code for “white” and “old” for “black,” but they’re all part of the mix.

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Could Michigan provide a third way for young ‘radicals?’

Today’s religious conservative is not the one you might remember from the televangelism days. Therein lies an opportunity for our state.

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When in doubt, ask: A wonderful wedding may await in Hammond Bay

The ceremony was in peril until the father and mother of the groom Hail Mary’d a spectacular Plan B on an underutilized public harbor lawn.

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An evolving world needs lawyers ready to deal with change in all forms

One Michigan lawyer says it’s time to overhaul the ‘Paper Chase’ model of legal education and prepare for the issues of a rapidly evolving world.

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One main street, many bars, and a stubborn U.P. problem

Alcohol – and, increasingly, drugs – are deeply ingrained in over-the-bridge culture. And like everywhere, they are behind the area’s crime statistics.

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Elections should be about ideas, but they’re mostly about ads

Big contests increasingly benefit one cohort: Broadcasters, ad agencies and consultants who profit from the seemingly unceasing barrage of campaign ads. Discuss issues? Who wants to do that?

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Clearing the air on Brunch columnists

Greg McNeilly’s writing wasn’t rejected at the bidding of “big government.” It just wasn’t a good fit for Bridge’s Sunday commentary feature.

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Shuttle diplomacy – to the U.P. – for two Michigan ambassadors

Not to be too Dorothy Gale about it, but sometimes, Toto? There’s no place like home. Especially when this state is home.

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A little respect – and attention – for the non-traditional collegian

Not all students on college campuses fit the typical mold of young and full-time. The older, working, married, child-rearing scholars are a growing demographic.

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To a voter with principles, sometimes voting is the right thing to (not) do

Make all the jokes about “none of the above” you want, but if you really hold your beliefs true, it’s difficult to make some choices in the voting booth.

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