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Ann Arbor

New reports ID five housing ‘hot spots’ in Michigan

Michigan’s housing stock is thinning, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which pegged the state as one of only two with fewer housing units in 2012 than in 2010. Neighboring Illinois is the other. But the state of housing is far from […]

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Land O Links

*On the subject of death, surveys show most people will agree to practically any “life-saving” treatment available. Doctors, by contrast, would reject almost all of the current treatments in such situations, except for pain meds. Why?: “First, few non-physicians actually understand how […]

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Moving from defense to offense for Michigan’s entrepreneurs

Every basketball fan has seen it: Your hard working team plays great and goes into halftime with a big lead. But in the second half that same team looks entirely different, as the players stop doing all the aggressive, scrappy things that […]

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Pipefitter’s daughter from Downriver becomes potent advocate for Michigan prisoners

It began as a favor to a dying friend. But Deborah LaBelle’s decision in 1985 to take over a federal lawsuit at the request of attorney Judith Magid has since evolved into a 28-year legal crusade that has improved the quality of […]

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Living on right side of county line means more life, better health

Zack Conley and Mike Sannan live on opposite sides of Rawsonville Road, a noisy strip of pavement separating Wayne and Washtenaw counties. Both men have access to some of the best hospitals in the state. Yet Sannan is almost twice as likely […]

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Been here and there, but Michigan is best for young and young at heart

Hi. I’m Natalie. I’m a self-employed writer, I’m 31, and, if you listen to the headlines, I don’t exist. Like a centaur or a yeti, the well-educated, career-driven, creative-class Millennial like myself is not found in the wild here in Michigan. Supposedly, […]

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In Michigan suburbs, once-pricey bedrooms worth less

Some 15 miles southeast of Ann Arbor, the cozy bedroom community of Milan belies stereotypical views of  Michigan’s economic decline. Largely white, nestled around a quaint downtown and dotted with upscale, newer homes, it projects the very image of suburban prosperity. Analysis […]

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Traverse City, Ann Arbor home sales point to brighter 2013

In parts of Michigan, a “For Sale” sign in front of a house is quickly followed by another: “Sold.” Realtors from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor to Traverse City are reporting trends notably absent in Michigan for years. Home values are rising. […]

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Land O Links

“Knowledge is the small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify” — Ambrose Bierce, 19th century American writer. * Owners of charter boats and ferries all around the Great Lakes are either having to curtail their passenger loads or upgrade their […]

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Michigan’s venture capitalists step up to start-ups

If Michigan’s economy is to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, as Gov. Rick Snyder says it must, then it will need more start-up companies like 3D Biomatrix in Ann Arbor. The company, spun out of research at the University of Michigan, produces […]

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Negotiating with ‘heroes’ no simple matter

In 2009, Ann Arbor became the poster child for critics of Michigan’s public safety binding arbitration law, as a labor settlement cost the city $1.5 million in retroactive pay raises. The judgment came as police and fire departments consumed 55 percent ofAnn […]

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Song pushes Ann Arbor, state for ‘better story’

Every Friday, at 4:30 p.m., local geeks are invited to pop a cold one at Tech Brewery in  Ann Arbor. The start-up co-op, located in what was a brewery in the 1880s, rents space to network-hungry entrepreneurs. “Beer-30,” as the gathering is […]

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Haslett builds readers, 20 minutes at a time

Twenty minutes a night. That number is drilled into Haslett kids in this mid-Michigan suburb by teachers in classrooms and parents at kitchen tables. Read for 20 minutes a night. Read Tolstoy. Read a comic book. Read the New York Times. Read […]

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Report: Michigan is high on price of college degrees

College graduates in Michigan and elsewhere are rightly anxious about their future job prospects — an anxiety only heightened by the piles of debt so many have accumulated while on campus. Erin Dillon, senior policy analyst for Education Sector and co-author of […]

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Fund-equity deals break teacher contract logjams

In March 2010, members of the Grosse Pointe Education Association held a noisy demonstration before a meeting of their district’s board, calling attention to the fact they’d been working without a contract for six months, and negotiations were going nowhere. The district […]

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All Michigan regions grew in 2010

Michigan’s regional economies surged ahead in 2010, propelled by a surprisingly robust manufacturing sector and solid growth from the “information economy.” The latest figures are a positive pivot from a decade that saw most Michigan regions lag economically. Between 2001 and 2009, […]

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Stomach-churning: Highs and lows in Mich. economy

Michigan has starred in its own disaster movie in the first decade of 21st century. The economic equivalents of F5 tornadoes and magnitude 9 earthquakes have battered the automotive industry and smashed construction work in the state. You knew all that, having […]

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Scoring the ’00s: How Michigan’s 14 regions changed

Despite billions of dollars in construction projects on the University of Michigan’s campus and Ann Arbor’s reputation as a high-tech business hotbed, the regional economy there contracted slightly over the past decade. Gross domestic product in the Ann Arbor metro area fell […]

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