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Bridge Q and A

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State House bill takes partisanship out of some primaries

Why do we require local sheriffs, prosecutors and clerks to declare a party affiliation in the primaries? One U.P. representative lobbies to end this practice in a Bridge Q-and-A.

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The War on Crime, not crime itself, fueled Detroit’s post-1967 decline

In this Q-and-A, historian and National Book Award finalist Heather Ann Thompson argues that draconian police tactics in black Detroit neighborhoods had as much to do with the city’s decimation as white flight and lost jobs.

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Real talk about race

We asked leaders around metro Detroit to talk frankly about racial attitudes in their lives and communities. These five answered the bell.

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Monica Lewis-Patrick

Monica Lewis-Patrick, 50, president and CEO of We the People of Detroit, is African American and has lived in Detroit for the past decade. The group advocates for water rights, workers’ rights and housing rights, among other issues, and opposes the state’s […]

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Adonis Flores

Adonis Flores, 28, is an immigrants rights organizer with Michigan United and a resident of Detroit. He said generations of his relatives found work in America under the Bracero Program, which allowed Mexican workers to come to America to help alleviate the […]

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Kenneth Reed

Kenneth Reed, 48, spokesman for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, is African American and a resident of Detroit. This interview took place in the midst of the recent spate of police-involved killings nationwide — after police killed an African-American man in […]

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Jim Fouts

Jim Fouts, 73, who is white, is mayor of Warren, in Macomb County just north of Detroit. In 1967, many residents in Warren feared violent disturbances in Detroit would come to their neighborhoods if African Americans moved there, he said. African-American Detroiters […]

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Matthew Jaber Stiffler

Matthew Jaber Stiffler, 37, is research and content manager at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn. His father is white. His mother was born in America and is of Lebanese descent. Stiffler said he was raised as, and thought of himself […]

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What happened when one Minnesota school district let high schoolers sleep in

An hour delay paid off in achievement and attendance. So why aren’t more schools following that lead?

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A Bridge Q-and-A with Detroit’s Big 3 education chiefs

It’s a high-powered trio presiding over huge changes for Detroit’s public school system. Judge Steven Rhodes, interim Supt. Alycia Meriweather and EAA chief Veronica Conforme reveal their priorities in the push to finally fix city schools

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Settled into U-M’s top job, Mark Schlissel strategizes its future

After 18 months on the job, U-M’s 14th president is seeking ways to make Michigan’s elite institution more diverse, welcoming and valuable to the state.

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What’s so good about land banks? A Q&A

Want to take a chance on a piece of property the last owner couldn’t handle?

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Ball Q&A: Michigan kids ‘will lose’ with weak teacher evaluation bill

UM education dean Deborah Loewenberg Ball slams the Legislature’s latest bill to rate teachers. She urges the state to instead adopt her panel’s recommendations, which she said would be the nation’s gold standard for raising classroom performance.

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Love him or hate him, here’s how one school superintendent calls snow days

Everybody else gets to sleep in, but the person who decides whether to cancel school has to be up at 4 a.m., having a conference call. It’s a chilling duty, and thankless.

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National education leader: Business must lead fight in Michigan

Bridge sat down with Kati Haycock, founder of the Education Trust in Washington, D.C., to talk about reversing Michigan’s decline and what schools can do for low-income kids when parents aren’t in the game.

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Q&A: Home is what you make it

There are many cities that can be improved with planning that turns public spaces into the heart of those communities. Michigan’s “placemaking” chief explains how.

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More money. More jobs?

Southeast Michigan is poised to get a share of $1.3 billion in U.S. economic development grants. Lisa Baragar Katz, executive director of the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeastern Michigan tells Bridge how the money should be spent.

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Politicos were out to get me, says emergency manager

Benton Harbor’s first emergency manager sidelined elected officials and a public war soon followed. EMs have authority to make the hard cuts that elected leaders won’t, but entrenched politics are harder to ax.

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