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Bridge Michigan

Ad matches up with reports about Detroit-Windsor span, Truth Squad finds

Gov. Rick Snyder and the government of Canada recently brokered an “interlocal” agreement to proceed with construction of a second bridge linking Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. That plan has long been opposed by the ownership of the existing Ambassador Bridge between the […]

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Michigan voters could decide casino locales, emergency manager law on 2012 ballot

Sheesh. We’ve already seen a ton of dueling political TV ads already, and we’re not even into summer — which officially begins this year on June 20, the day with the most sunlight in the year. Regardless of the season, you might […]

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Analysis: A slap in the face by the invisible hand

By Rich Robinson On one level, the vote by the Senate Economic Development Committee to defer to another day the proposed new public-private bridge betweenDetroit andWindsor looks like the triumph of ideology over commerce. Fearless libertarians who have had enough of taxation faced […]

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Obama’s job advisers note skill mismatch

President Obama has a new report from his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. (Alert, it’s a 4MB report). Initiative Five in the report will be familiar to Bridge readers: Matching talent to the skills needed in the marketplace. “While the United States […]

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All Michigan regions grew in 2010

Michigan’s regional economies surged ahead in 2010, propelled by a surprisingly robust manufacturing sector and solid growth from the “information economy.” The latest figures are a positive pivot from a decade that saw most Michigan regions lag economically. Between 2001 and 2009, […]

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Certificates can buy middle-class lifestyle

While the path to the Michigan middle class will wind almost exclusively through college campuses, the journey will have some shortcuts, according to an analysis of job projections by Bridge Magazine. Some careers projected to have high demand require only a vocational […]

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Welcome to Bridge

It took me 46 years, but I finally attended summer school. This summer, I studied up on the nuances of inflation-adjusted dollars, website design, employment practices, marketing and, frankly, stuff I can’t remember right now. All this led up to what you […]

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A new effort to ‘Bridge’ Michigan’s gaps

An informed public is the iron core of our democratic system. But these days the iron is getting a bit rusty.  The old media that served the country well for decades – national network TV news shows like Walter Cronkite’s and daily […]

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Billion-dollar bust?

(Originally published Aug. 10, 2011) A 15-year-long effort to spur jobs and vitality in some of the state’s most economically depressed areas by turning them into virtual tax-free zones — and thereby forgoing about $1 billion in tax collections — is being […]

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Deep inside the Lost Decade: Decline, transformation and resilience in Michigan’s regions

Ann Arbor on the east side and Grand Rapids on the west are widely regarded as the most prosperous and desirable metropolitan areas in Michigan. But Kalamazoo-Portage and Battle Creek in Southwest Michigan surprisingly outpaced Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and all other […]

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