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Guest column: State’s broken tax system favors corporations over families

By Gilda Z. Jacobs/Michigan League for Public Policy  As we enter the budget-setting season in Lansing, we need to step back and ask ourselves some important questions. Does our revenue structure keep up with the times? Does it improve our education levels […]

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Michigan’s recovery dangles from ‘fiscal cliff’

By Mitch Bean While the action over the “fiscal cliff” tax and budget decisions will occur on Capitol Hill, the consequences of whatever course is chosen will ripple across the Great Lakes State. Bridge asked Mitch Bean, a longtime head of the […]

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Guest column: Making good on ‘Michigan 3.0′

By Jennifer Goulet/ArtServe Michigan On Feb. 9, important steps affirming the significance of arts and culture to Michigan’s economy, communities and the lives of its citizens were set in motion. For the first time in more than a decade, our state is […]

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The ‘tough nerd’ sidesteps a fight

For all the talk, from Clint Eastwood on down, that Michigan is turning the corner, Gov. Rick Snyder’s new budget fails to match the moment. Instead, the administration has agreed to play “small ball” with Republican lawmakers worried about re-election prospects. This […]

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Guest post: K-12 ‘increase’ is actually a cut

By Mitch Bean Compared to last year, this year’s gubernatorial budget presentation was a bit boring. There were, however, a few interesting aspects worth mentioning. Let’s start with the way funding for K-12 was described. The description in the budget document is […]

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Budget translated: Don’t get excited

In line with expectations, the governor’s formal budget proposal for fiscal year 2013 (which begins Oct. 1) and budget outline for fiscal 2014 is a quiet document. “Quiet” in that it shouldn’t engender shouts of excitement or opposition from the various special […]

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Bridge reports, budgets rise

After years of being ignored, the Michigan State Police forensics lab got a $3.1 million big, wet kiss from Gov. Rick Snyder today. And the lab may have Bridge Magazine to thank. In Snyder’s annual budget proposal presented today, the governor proposes […]

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Capitol conundrum: Fewer inmates, same high costs

Round numbers can provoke course corrections because they are easier to understand and, if large enough, shock the system. Here are a couple: 50,000 and $2 billion. The first is the inmate population barrier breached at the Michigan Department of Corrections in […]

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Schuette may need big taxpayer bucks to get tougher on crime

Editor’s Note: This post, originally published at 8 a.m. on Jan. 26, was updated at 1 p.m. the same day, 10 minutes after Bridge received new estimates from the Michigan Department of Corrections. A summary of the original estimates provided by MDOC are […]

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Michigan college cost dilemma bankrupts all

I’ve been observing Michigan public policy discussions for nearly 50 years. It’s amazing that, so often, it’s as though people with differing views live in two different universes. Take Michigan universities. Analysis presented last week in Bridge showed costs at Michigan public […]

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Budget numbers improve; does it matter?

On Friday, the financial experts in the legislative fiscal agencies and the Department of  Treasury will meet to agree on a new snapshot of Michigan’s economic and fiscal situation — and the trend lines for the near future. Based on these early […]

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Behind good policy is good research

The other day, suitably fitted with required jacket and necktie, I made my way to the Detroit Athletic Club for the 95th  annual meeting of the best-respected — and least-known —  institutions in our state: the Citizens Research Council of Michigan. CRC […]

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Learning from prison cuts in other states

(Originally published Feb. 3, 2011) When Judge Steven Alm was appointed to a Honolulu felony court in 2004, it didn’t take long before the new jurist identified what he considered a major flaw in the system: Offenders on probation repeatedly flouted simple […]

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School Daze II: How some districts keep 180 days a top priority

(Originally published Jan. 19, 2011) In the Milan School District, students spend more days in class than their peers in most other districts for a simple reason: district leaders have made it an important priority. In the 2008-2009 school year, Milan was […]

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