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“It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge” — atomic physicist Enrico Fermi. * Our friend Kurt Metzger takes the positive approach to home values in Detroit — there are bargains aplenty […]

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Deep inside the Lost Decade: Decline, transformation and resilience in Michigan’s regions

Ann Arbor on the east side and Grand Rapids on the west are widely regarded as the most prosperous and desirable metropolitan areas in Michigan. But Kalamazoo-Portage and Battle Creek in Southwest Michigan surprisingly outpaced Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and all other […]

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Scoring the ’00s: How Michigan’s 14 regions changed

Despite billions of dollars in construction projects on the University of Michigan’s campus and Ann Arbor’s reputation as a high-tech business hotbed, the regional economy there contracted slightly over the past decade. Gross domestic product in the Ann Arbor metro area fell […]

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Get cracking on Metro Detroit freight hub

(Originally published July 13, 2011)   This may sound too good to be true, but it is true: Michigan could easily transform itself into a global freight gateway that could create more than 200,000 jobs and add billions in economic activity. And […]

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Immigrants can energize Detroit

(Originally published July 28, 2011) Whatever you think of Detroit, it is hard to imagine Michigan thriving if our largest city isn’t on some kind of road to prosperity. And plenty of folks, both business-oriented (think DTE Energy, Business Leaders for Michigan) […]

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Stomach-churning: Highs and lows in Mich. economy

Michigan has starred in its own disaster movie in the first decade of 21st century. The economic equivalents of F5 tornadoes and magnitude 9 earthquakes have battered the automotive industry and smashed construction work in the state. You knew all that, having […]

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“If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain” — Adlai E. Stevenson Jr., two-time Democratic presidential […]

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Analysis: African Americans hit hardest on homeownership

Editor’s note: Bridge presents, from time to time, comments from Kurt Metzger of Data Driven Detroit on what the 2010 census results mean for Michigan today, and tomorrow. Metzger worked for the U.S. Census Bureau for 15 years and has been studying […]

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Michigan poised for better days

The idea that no one would ever think of moving to Michigan because our economy is an utter wreck has, sadly, seeped into the pores of our body politic. It’s almost beyond debate now that we can’t sell Michigan to those who […]

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Fresh food firm grows into Detroit role

How many of you would raise an eyebrow at a story linking the term “food desert” with Detroit? Just one more bit of tough news for a city with a plate piled high with challenges, right? Well, the reality is different — […]

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Advocate keeps selling Detroit to young professionals

Dave Egner has traveled a long way to end up right where he started. Egner’s hometown is a third of the population it was in 1950. It has a high poverty rate and high crime rate. Ninety percent of its residents are […]

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How far will Midtown’s momentum go?

There are two Detroits in the life of Theo Nicholaidis. The first is a city of cafes and galleries, with his favorite crepe restaurant just down the block from his two-bedroom condo, a newly rehabbed unit with hardwood floors, a fireplace and […]

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TechTown broadens focus from high-tech

Wayne State University’s TechTown was intended to incubate high-tech when it was christened a decade ago. However, a survey of the 63 tenants now operating out of the 84-year-old, 120,000-square-foot former Chevy Creative Services building in central Detroit shows nearly two-thirds are […]

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Young activist finds energy, challenges in SW Detroit

Two women painted on the wall of Sean Mann’s historic home sum up the story of present-day Detroit. The murals flanking his dining room window portray the women seen in the city’s official seal. A weeping woman on the left symbolizes despair. […]

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Entrepreneur bets on Detroit, urbanism

If you have taken a tour through downtown Detroit, there is a good chance you have walked through Claire Nelson’s shop, Bureau of Urban Living. Bureau, as it’s commonly known, is an Urban Outfitters-style boutique with high-end housewares carrying an urban, Detroit […]

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Restauranteur sees city’s future in density, immigrants

Torya Blanchard’s entrepreneurial story is becoming the stuff of legend in Detroit. The Detroit native quit a good job teaching French, cashed out her 401k and took the chance of her life by opening Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes in a […]

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Detroit is, indeed, ‘rising’

For the longest time, I have opened my morning paper only to find some negative articles about the city of Detroit. Indeed, these bearers of bad news heralded the city as the fattest, the angriest, the most crime-ridden, and, yes, even the […]

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Cuts don’t fall evenly across Michigan

A welfare recipient in Flint is four times more likely to be kicked off cash assistance next month than a welfare recipient in bucolic Luce County — even though the Upper Peninsula county has a higher poverty rate. In rural northern Lake […]

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