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Police alone can’t pacify a violent culture

Public safety is and remains a primary topic of concern for Detroiters. From campaign conversation to political platforms to administrative agendas, making and keeping Detroit safe has been an elusive promise, the fulfillment of which apparently lies with simply hiring more police […]

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Homeless in Detroit: Deep in the trenches of poverty

Ericka Murria was 17-years-old when she first went to Coalition on Temporary Shelter with her one-year-old daughter. Murria, a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she lived on hard times after her mother passed away.  She’d been living with friends who […]

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Now more than ever, say nice things about Detroit (because they’re true)

After weeks of press about Detroit’s bankruptcy, I am clearly not the only one who feels compelled to speak up, in response to the countless reports streaming in about Detroit, but not based on visiting and reporting from Detroit. But I think […]

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Metal pirates strip too much of what’s left from Michigan cities, lawmakers grope for answers

When it comes to scrap-metal theft in Detroit and other Michigan cities, nothing is sacred. Literally nothing. Besides the theft of plumbing, wiring, siding and trim from buildings both empty and occupied, scrappers have even targeted Jesus – a statue of the […]

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Land O Links: Pensions, safety when studying abroad, and would you pay a penny of sales tax to help college students pay for school?

Conservative thinker and writer Josh Barro prescribes reforms that will displease conservatives and liberals alike when it comes to public pension programs and their weaknesses as exemplified by Detroit. How safe are your college kids when they study abroad? Probably safer than […]

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How high is rent in six Michigan cities?

Finance guidelines say housing should not cost more than 30 percent of household income. But in 2013, thousands of Michigan rental households fall below that standard.   Michigan Two-bedroom fair market rental: $768 Hourly wages needed to afford two-bedroom fair market rental: […]

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‘Aerotropolis’ project finally taking off; could provide much-needed lift for Southeast Michigan

“What could be the single largest economic development project in Michigan history has been sitting there, right under our nose.” That’s the first paragraph of a column I wrote way back in 2001. In it, I advocated prompt action by Michigan leaders […]

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Detroit, a tale of two cities – and worth checking out

Things are pretty tough in Detroit, what with an emergency manager and a possible bankruptcy lurking just around the corner. But despite that, there are enough good things going – the Midtown boom, Dan Gilbert’s investments, Mike Ilitch’s plans and the M1 […]

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Stockton, Vallejo warn Detroit: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

STOCKTON, Calif. – Here in Stockton, the standard postcards show a palm-lined City Center, without revealing that under those palm trees, the homeless sometimes outnumber the homed. They present a charming city-funded marina, without the context that the marina might be repossessed, […]

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In Vallejo, residents rally to protect themselves

VALLEJO, Calif. – The break-ins and the squatters in her middle-class neighborhood were bad enough. But when prostitutes began offering – and performing – services in front of Ann Smith’s home, she’d had enough. “We were all picking up condoms in our […]

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Wayne County’s economy is doing better than you think

There has been an unrelenting dose of bad news in local newspapers and on national television about the city of Detroit’s financial difficulties, but one measure of business establishment employment in Wayne County is showing relatively healthy growth. And if the city […]

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Detroit’s EM should surround himself with fresh faces, fresh thinking

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr came in with an impressive resume and a seemingly razor-sharp focus and determination to right the city’s finances. He is an “outsider” who was viewed as independent and detached enough to make decisions independent of the political […]

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With Michigan costs rising, rail group proposes surge in seats for high-speed Amtrak line

Riding the rails in Michigan hasn’t been this good for a long time. More passengers are boarding Amtrak trains on its three lines in the state. Many trains now run over 110-mph-capable track. And work will begin later this summer to bring […]

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One policy change can help end blight of abandoned property in Michigan

For decades, many U.S. communities have suffered from population loss and economic decline, resulting in widespread abandonment of industrial and commercial buildings. In Michigan, according to the Center for Automotive Research, about 105 of the 170 automotive plants built here since 1979 […]

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New reports ID five housing ‘hot spots’ in Michigan

Michigan’s housing stock is thinning, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which pegged the state as one of only two with fewer housing units in 2012 than in 2010. Neighboring Illinois is the other. But the state of housing is far from […]

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A quick beginner’s guide to the world of Michigan craft beers

It’s hard to beat a refreshing beer on a warm summer day — and in Michigan these days, beer drinkers are seeing ever more options to quench their thirst thanks to the surge of craft brewing. In fact, for over half a […]

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Land O Links

*Land of the free?: “Margaret Doughty … is being told by officials that her application to become a naturalized U.S. citizen could be thrown out if she doesn’t join a church that forbids violence. Doughty happens to be an atheist who is morally […]

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Immigrants can help revitalize Michigan

Michigan State University and its surrounding community of Lansing-East Lansing are among the Top 10 for largest international student enrollment in the United States. Each fall, more than 6,500 international students — 1,800 of whom are new to the university —  arrive […]

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