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early childhood education

New 2-1-1 phone program connects parents in need with local preschool enrollment offices this August

If you have a 4-year-old child and live in a household with low or moderate income, you are one call away from a great opportunity for your family. Michigan’s preschool program, Great Start Readiness, is a proven way to provide key social […]

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Guest commentary: Preschool funding boost praised, but there’s work to do for Michigan’s 0-3’s

By Mina Hong/Michigan’s Children and Scott Menzel/MAISA The Legislature recently approved an historic expansion of the Great Start Readiness Program – the state’s preschool program for 4-year-olds at risk of being underprepared for kindergarten.  This $65 million increase – a 60 percent […]

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Guest commentary: It’s past time to extend ‘exquisite beauty’ of early learning to all of our children

By Bob Sornson/Early Learning Foundation Across our nation there is a growing debate. How much should we spend to support early childhood programs? How should we spend it? Why should we spend our money on other people’s kids? The debate is often […]

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‘Sanity caucus’ shepherds preschool reform, dollars through capital gridlock

I’ve had a few days now to mull over the goings-on at last week’s annual Mackinac Island Policy Conference. Much of the talk on the enormous porch of the magnificent Grand Hotel was how our political system seems incapable of dealing with big […]

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On horizon for preschools: More public-private partnerships

MACKINAC ISLAND — Legislators had barely made it to Mackinac Island after passing an historic increase in funding for early childhood education before discussion turned to what happens next. A panel today predicted more public-private partnerships in pre-K for 4-year-olds and investment […]

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State adopts ‘nation’s largest’ expansion of early childhood funding

Ten thousand additional Michigan 4-year-olds will be in classrooms next school year, after Republican and Democratic legislators Wednesday passed the largest expansion in early childhood education in the nation. The $65 million expansion for the 2013-14 budget year is a major victory […]

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Michigan moves into national forefront of preschool funding

Michigan will move from middle of the pack to top of the heap when Gov. Rick Snyder signs off on a massive expansion of state-funded early childhood education in coming days. The $65 million increase in funding for the Great Start Readiness […]

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Guest commentary: Early education funding is a win for kids, Michigan

By Jim McHale/W.K. Kellogg Foundation Over the past year, support for high-quality early childhood education programs has been gaining traction in Michigan. What began as a conversation has transformed into a movement consisting of lawmakers, parents, business leaders and communities working together […]

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Guest commentary: Michigan leaders recognize the wisdom of investing in preschoolers

By Debbie Dingell and Doug Luciani/Children’s Leadership Council of Michigan We tip our hats to Michigan’s governor and the Legislature for funding expansion of the state’s Great Start Readiness Program. This program offers high-quality preschool to needy families of 4-year-olds. Culturally and […]

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Bridge sweeps online news category in Detroit SPJ contest

Bridge Magazine swept the online general news category in the Society of Professional Journalists Detroit Chapter’s Excellence in Journalism contest for 2012. In its first year of competition in the contest, Bridge garnered first-, second- and third-place awards for news coverage. Winners […]

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Change the school focus from spending more to spending smart

Can anything really move the “needle of achievement” in our kids’ schools? Over the years, we’ve sure spent a whale of a lot of money, time and lung power trying to answer that question. “School people” — by which I mean teachers, […]

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Guest column: Kindergarten retention, in current form, doesn’t help children

By Larry Schweinhart/HighScope Educational Research Foundation One of our conclusions from the 2012 Great Start Readiness Program Evaluation was that grade retention is a major state policy, made locally, that deserves serious study.  Of students who had the Great Start program, 37 percent […]

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Bridge’s preschool package wins national reporting award

Bridge Magazine has been awarded a national journalism award for its series, “Michigan’s forgotten 4-year-olds,” which exposed shortcomings in the state’s preschool program. The National Education Writers Association awarded Bridge Magazine Senior Writer Ron French first prize for investigative reporting for the […]

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Guest column: Expanding preschool is first step in education advance

By Michele Corey/Michigan’s Children Advocates across the state are rejoicing in Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed $65 million expansion ($130 million over two years) for the Great Start Readiness Program– Michigan’s public preschool program for 4-year-olds at-risk of being under-prepared for kindergarten. Credit […]

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Land O Links

* “Looking solely at the federal budget, an elderly person receives close to seven federal dollars for every dollar received by a child.” I’ll repeat that: For every $7 the federal budget spends on an elderly person, it spends $1 on a child.” […]

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Snyder tries to sell long-term investment strategy to Michigan

Give a man a fish, and you feed him a day; show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled his proposed state budget for the next two years last Thursday. If there is a […]

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Snyder ‘excited’ to double preschool spending; predicts ‘dramatic’ impact

Gov. Rick Snyder formally called for an additional $130 million for state preschool classes Thursday, a move long hinted at by administration officials – and long sought by advocates for early childhood education. “One of the things I’m most excited about (in […]

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CFM leaders point to early childhood, teacher improvement out of public opinion report

In presenting the results of a year-long listening tour on public schools, the president of the nonprofit Center for Michigan says there’s a “real opportunity” to advance reform in the Legislature this year. “We see real opportunity this year to act on […]

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