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Misplaced rage over minimum wage: Workers need options to leave burgers behind

The recent marching and walkouts in protest of the minimum wage rate at fast-food restaurants – and demands for a higher one – are a bit misplaced. At $7.40 an hour, it is far from being generous or enough for a family […]

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Michigan still needs action on schools, universities, Detroit

It is what it is. I am referring, of course, to the political firestorm that has engulfed Michigan ever since Gov. Rick Snyder announced he would sign Right To Work (or Freedom To Work, if you prefer) when legislation ending the union […]

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45 minutes with the mustache

My upfront prejudice, so you all know where I’m coming from, here on the last day of the Mackinac Policy Conference: I’m not a Thomas Friedman fan. The New York Times columnist and best-selling author traffics in glib catchphrases, strangely articulate taxi […]

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Romney and a student walk into a coffee shop …

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke at Lansing Community College Tuesday, suggesting that “somewhere in a coffeehouse, a student, maybe here in Lansing, is sketching out an idea that will change our lives.” A block away from the auditorium where Romney […]

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Spend a little on kids now, save a lot later

Call it common sense, call it common knowledge, but now it has a number attached: $40,000. Or $100,000. The first number is the amount the state of Michigan saves on every child who arrives at kindergarten “ready to learn,” that is, with […]

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Back to school. And stay there.

My boss, Bridge editor Derek Melot, doesn’t have children. I get the idea if he did, they’d have run away to grandma’s by now, fleeing their father’s firmly held belief that what ails children is very simple: Not enough schoolin’. “If you […]

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Better ideas in 140 characters or less

This week’s inaugural Center for Michigan Twitter chat on education, while it didn’t exactly melt the Internet into a puddle, was a success, enough so that we’re planning another one. Mark your calendars for March 28, noon to 1 p.m., hashtag #edchatmi. […]

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Does college prep begin in grade school?

If Michigan wants more minority college graduates, it needs to invest in quality school counseling. Grade school counseling. That’s one of the recommendations in a report released today by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. The report, “The Quest for Excellence: […]

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A school with one foot in the old country

Most of the Michigan charter schools you’re reading about in Bridge this week are relative newcomers to the field, with all but one founded in or after the mid-1990s, when charters, or public school academies, were established by the state legislature. The […]

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Center for Michigan launches education talks

Starting Tuesday, the Center for Michigan — parent to Bridge Magazine — is launching its next round of community conversations across Michigan. This year-long campaign, through the end of 2012, will focus on a singular topic of extreme importance to Michigan’s future: […]

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Who are the state academic champs?

Welcome to the real state high school playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, and I have great admiration for the dedication and skill of high school athletes. The lessons they learn in leadership, teamwork and persistence are lessons they can […]

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Jobs of the future: Where they’ll be in Michigan

Jim Danielski tells horror stories, but not the kind shared with toasted marshmallows around a campfire.  Danielski’s horror stories are the kind that should keep Gov. Rick Snyder awake at night. At his career counseling center in Plymouth, Danielski sees a steady […]

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Snyder’s claim fans college readiness debate

Gov. Rick Snyder has made a blunt claim about Michigan’s schools in 2011: Few of their graduates are actually ready for college work. This spring, Snyder said only 16 percent of the state’s 2010 high school graduates were college ready and that […]

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Momentum builds at Capitol for teacher tenure changes

(Originally published June 21, 2011) Over the past two years, the State Tenure Commission has sided with the school district in every case where the district sought to fire a teacher specifically for poor performance in the classroom. All four.   And […]

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School Daze: Michigan’s incredible shrinking school year

(Originally published March 12, 2009) Imagine if the United States completely flopped in the next Olympics. Imagine if countries like Japan and South Korea dominated the medal count and it was obvious those athletes had simply out-worked, out-practiced, and out-performed ours. The […]

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School Daze II: How some districts keep 180 days a top priority

(Originally published Jan. 19, 2011) In the Milan School District, students spend more days in class than their peers in most other districts for a simple reason: district leaders have made it an important priority. In the 2008-2009 school year, Milan was […]

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Land O Links

“It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge” — atomic physicist Enrico Fermi. * Our friend Kurt Metzger takes the positive approach to home values in Detroit — there are bargains aplenty […]

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MSU dominates U-M in Legislature

The Michigan Legislature has voted over the years to designate a state rock (Petosky stone), a state tree (white pine) and even a state fossil (mastodon). If lawmakers decide to name a state university, Wolverine fans should be worried. There are almost […]

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