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higher education

Michigan has to catch tech wave transforming learning

Reduced to essentials, here’s what happens in most American schools and universities: A “teacher” appears  before a group of pupils and talks, making notes on a board or putting up images, while students take notes. Classes range in size from 20 to […]

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One-two punch for Michigan students: more loans, high interest rates

Michigan’s student debt problem is getting worse, with college kids borrowing almost $1.9 billion. In just one year. At the state’s public universities alone. The tab is even bigger than it sounds. A Bridge Magazine analysis of loan data reveals that the […]

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Apply brainpower to get better results from billions spent on education

The education industry in Michigan is facing a coming tidal wave of change — and the landscape is going to be re-arranged. Money may seem to many to be the major issue, but it’s not. According to Gov. Rick Snyder’s message to […]

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Land O Links

*It is the avowed policy of the state of Michigan that: A. Drivers and passengers in motor vehicles must be belted in order to protect the public safety. B. Motorcycle riders – adult ones, anyway – do not have to wear helmets. […]

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A few words of (hopefully) wisdom for Michigan’s graduates

It’s graduation season – and last Friday, I had the honor of giving a commencement address to those earning economics degrees at the University of Michigan. There’s an old joke that plagiarism is when you steal from one author; research is when […]

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Schools, colleges aren’t preparing students for careers in Michigan

Paul Hillegonds, who these days is a vice president at DTE Energy, is one of Michigan’s most plugged-in and thoughtful people. Whenever something valuable and useful is going on in our state, Paul, a former speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, […]

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Report shows Michigan high for higher ed cuts as legislative panel targets U-M, Wayne St. funds

Michigan’s premier public universities have no problem attracting students, but they’re having a harder time appealing to legislators. And while decreases in state funding are common across the country today, the percentage of cuts in Michigan is higher than in most states. […]

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State looks to turn trickle of returning college grads into a flood

Laura VanHolstyn graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in communications in 2009, a year in which the state’s jobless rate averaged 13.9 percent. “I went on interview after interview,” said VanHolstyn, who is from Rockford, located north of Grand Rapids. […]

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Guest column: Make businesses pay their fair share for schools, roads, universities

By Rep. Pam Faris Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan, recently proposed a three-point plan to get Michigan moving. Rothwell’s plan applauds Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed budget for fiscal 2014, acknowledging his investments in pre-K education, community colleges […]

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Is a student from China taking my kid’s college slot?

As state funding for public universities drops, do the chances of your son or daughter getting in the University of Michigan also drop? That’s the question parents are asking, as U-M and Michigan State University increase the shares of their incoming classes that are […]

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Guest column: Three-point investment plan will get Michigan moving

By Doug Rothwell/Business Leaders for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed budget for 2014 offers new promise for Michigan. Now that our fiscal house is in order, thanks to an eradication of old accounting gimmicks and heavy debt obligations, our state is positioned […]

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Facts you might not know about Michigan’s 15 public universities

You probably didn’t know this about Michigan’s public universities: * The University of Michigan’s 90 percent graduation rate is 22 percentage points higher than the average at peer institutions. * Michigan State University’s 126-1 student-to-administrative staff ratio is nearly twice as high as peer […]

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Michigan politicians starve the engines of economic growth: universities

While we consider Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget message – to be delivered Thursday — we might want to look at some facts underlying our economy. The (persistently) bad news: Since 2008, Michigan has slashed state support for public colleges and universities by […]

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Half the investment on colleges means a full measure of trouble for Michigan

To grow Michigan’s economy, we need more skilled workers, an estimated 1 million two- and four-year college graduates are needed to fill the job vacancies by 2025. Employers all over our state are complaining they can’t find workers with adequate skills to meet […]

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State leaders run wrong way on higher education

The progressive group Business Leaders for Michigan just held a leadership summit devoted to the topic of learning and our state’s economic future. The theme was “Higher Education: A Growth Engine for the New Michigan” and it drew a lot of high-powered, […]

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Will Michigan’s universities look like Indiana’s?

Doubling the number of college degrees and certifications. Cutting costs. Tracking job placement rates. Those are the latest proposals for Indiana’s public universities. Why does that matter to Michigan? Because those goals are tied to formula funding – the same type of […]

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Biz leaders make prison-higher ed connection

Business Leaders for Michigan, a group formerly known as Detroit Renaissance, is a major player in how state policy is shaped in Lansing these days. So when it takes a stance, it’s advisable to pay attention. And BLM on Wednesday made an […]

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