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Children’s departure is part of the cycle of life

I reared my children to be independent and adventuresome, and look what happened: They became independent and adventuresome — and left Michigan. So, when Fathers’ Day rolls around, I must settle for phone calls and cards, and take a rain check on […]

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What does Michigan have to do to get a little love?

So Michigan cuts business taxes by $2.4 billion, stages a political war (because that’s apparently what’s been lacking) that favors business over labor, more than balances the state budget and finally takes ownership of arguably its biggest challenge — which is its […]

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As Right to Work takes root, MEA faces rough lessons from Wisconsin

In the hectic days of last December, as the Michigan Legislature prepared to pass a Right-to-Work bill limiting the scope of union authority in organized work places, MEA President Steve Cook issued a warning. “Whoever votes for this,” Cook told the Associated […]

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Land O Links

*Not all charter schools in Michigan are alike. Some focus on quality; others focus on marketing to attract parental attention, reports Michigan Radio. This leaves some high-quality charters still struggling to enroll students. *In Indiana, “lawmakers are considering forgiving $12 million in loans […]

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Labor says it will prevail, but RTW experts are skeptical

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Given recent events in Indiana, third-shift General Motors worker Roxanna Lucas was “not surprised” when Michigan followed suit by adopting a Right to Work labor standard. Lucas, like many coworkers at the sprawling suburban Fort Wayne GM assembly […]

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Indiana reaction belies pro-Right to Work claims

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — In the weeks after “Right to Work” became law in Indiana, Michigan-based Android Industries was anointed a poster child for the job growth state officials predicted would flow from the measure. Company officials insisted it was no accident […]

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Political fallout from RTW deal yet to land

INDIANAPOLIS — With passage of Right to Work legislation imminent,  Indiana Democrats huddled on a Monday night in February 2011 to plot strategy. The following morning, some three dozen state representatives bolted for the Comfort Suites in Urbana, Ill., trying to wait […]

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Guest column: Right to Work is no guarantee of economic success

By Timothy J. Bartik/W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Will “Right to Work” boost Michigan’s economic development? What does research say? Research suggests that the economic development effects of RTW are uncertain, with downside risks. Some studies find RTW boosts job growth, […]

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Genesis of Prop 2 found in Right to Work debate

For years, it was unthinkable that Michigan, the cradle of the labor movement, might ever become a Right to Work state. Union workers helped build the state, union power shaped its politics and the idea of severing the two would be like […]

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Land O Links

“You can’t know too much, but you can say too much” — Calvin Coolidge, president of the United States, 1923-1929. * The operator of a charter school for Muskegon Heights promises a public meeting a bunch of big changes. Among them: “school […]

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Land O Links

“Knowledge which is divorced from justice, may be called cunning rather than wisdom” — Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman senator * Center for Michigan President John Bebow sat down with Michigan Municipal League President Dan Gilmartin to talk about prosperity in Michigan, along […]

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Local govn’ts say union relations are fine

There’s been plenty of speculation about the prospects for, and motivation behind, Right Work legislation in Michigan. Why a big puswh on unionization rules since those rates have been dropping for years? And it can’t pass unnoticed that the Right to Work effort […]

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Right to Work sparks political frenzy

Supporters of a proposal to end compulsory union membership had high hopes that neighboring Indiana’s recent adoption of Right to Work legislation would lead Michigan to soon follow the Hoosier state’s lead. That all changed on March 6 when a group backed […]

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Land O Links

“I have tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and I have succeeded fairly well” — Robert Benchley, American humorist and newspaper columnist. * Bob Jones, who consults with educational institutions and others on public policy, ran through the […]

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Other states have tried to buy college results

Tying higher education funding to graduation rates, or even to certain types of degrees, may sound radical to Michigan policy-makers, but it’s been discussed and tried for years in other places. Here are some examples: Indiana: In 2007, our southern neighbor tied […]

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