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Jennifer Granholm

Michigan has nation’s weakest regulations on septic systems

In 2004, former Gov. Jennifer Granholm unveiled a water protection plan that called for a statewide code to better regulate the state’s 1.3 million septic tanks and other on-site wastewater treatment systems. Nine years later, that statewide code remains a regulatory dream […]

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In Michigan, small things add up to life writ large

Michiganders lament the brain drain that sees some of our best and brightest young people fleeing the state for supposedly bigger and better things on the coasts and in major cities. I was one of those young people (though I am dubious […]

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Handshake deal with state haunts Detroit

It seemed a reasonable deal when Gov. John Engler and Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer shook hands on it in 1998. The state of Michigan would give Detroit $333.9 million annually for nine years in revenue sharing funds — if the city would […]

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Is shortage due to skills or wages?

Steve Lowe Jr. is scrambling to find more than a dozen skilled machinists, experienced engineers and laborers after his company recently won a multimillion-dollar contract to build giant camshafts for diesel locomotive engines. He said he’s sought out state work force agencies, […]

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In Northern Michigan, a life made in glass

Jay Bavers and Glenna Haney labor in a small studio in the Northern Michigan community of East Jordan. But their blown-glass creations have garnered fans from Lansing to Siberia. Jordan Valley Glassworks, which Bavers and Haney co-own, is a business built on […]

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Governors run after companies, waving dollars

Governors can’t resist using their economic development agencies to try to pick business winners and losers in the economy, even when they say they are opposed to doing so. Gov. James Blanchard bankrolled efforts to grow biotechnology and advanced manufacturing industries in […]

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Filmmakers still seeing stars after incentive cut

Once upon a time, Michael Jones had a career in Michigan. He was a location manager for print and TV advertising, finding, securing and running the spaces where commercial shoots set up temporary shop. Then things got very bad, when the auto […]

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Were film tax incentives too good to last?

No one knows yet what the final economic impact will be when the film once known as “Category 6” and now called Untitled Tornado Project wraps production at Michigan Motion Picture Studios some time down the road, but Michigan taxpayers will be […]

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On tax tactics, Snyder picks ‘all of the above’

During his campaign for governor in 2010, Gov. Rick Snyder said he would focus on tax cuts and end tax incentives in trying to attract jobs and business investment to Michigan. Snyder and the Republican-controlled Legislature delivered on the tax cuts, trimming […]

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Ready for college? In Michigan, likely not.

If you live in Michigan, your high-schooler is probably less prepared for college than the average American student. Your teen has only an average chance of graduating from high school, and a below-average chance of enrolling in college. And if your son […]

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Awaiting green energy’s payoff

A North Carolina company canceled a wind farm project in January that would have placed as a many as 112 towering turbines across two counties in northwest Michigan. Energy Conversion Devices, one of the state’s pioneer manufacturers of advanced batteries and solar […]

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Legislators want to run, not pay for, Mich. universities

Spring budget treks to the State Capitol by the presidents of Michigan’s public universities weren’t always this pointless. When lawmakers appropriated half the money or more that universities spent for operations, it paid for presidents to express gratitude to the veteran legislators […]

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Land O Links

“Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom” –Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 19th century English poet. * We in Michigan all know that Gov. Rick Snyder is ga-ga over “dashboards” — sets of figures that show progress, or lack […]

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Snyder’s message wasn’t friendly to Capitol majority

Gov. Rick Snyder may not be a typical politician, but he’s also no fool. With fresh good news to share in his second State of the State address before a statewide television audience, Snyder led with it. And he invited Republican lawmakers […]

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State effort to replicate Promise yields mixed results

The Kalamazoo Promise has inspired 10 Michigan communities to develop college promises of their own — without relying on a few generous benefactors to underwrite the whole thing. The communities, mostly distressed urban areas, are creating Promise Zones, with the goal of […]

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Snyder team reads Bridge

Perhaps a bit lost in the post Thanksgiving haze, or pre-Christmas shopping rush, Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled last week his message and plans for upgrading the talent and opportunities in Michigan. For a complete text of the message, click here. I will […]

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Jobs of the future: Where they’ll be in Michigan

Jim Danielski tells horror stories, but not the kind shared with toasted marshmallows around a campfire.  Danielski’s horror stories are the kind that should keep Gov. Rick Snyder awake at night. At his career counseling center in Plymouth, Danielski sees a steady […]

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Don’t count out early education

(Originally published Feb. 3, 2011) By Susan J. Demas How’s this for a contrast? Last year, the Early Childhood Investment Corp. (ECIC) released a study showing that Michigan’s budget saves a whopping $805 million because of pre-K programs. And yet in fiscal […]

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