100,000 Michigan kids still lack health insurance

 (Originally published Aug. 18, 2011) Imagine a city somewhere between the size of Lansing (114,000) and Sterling Heights (129,000). Imagine this city is populated only by children. Imagine every single one of these children lacks basic health insurance. That’s the reality in […]

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This man has power over 1 in 5 Mich. lives

Stephen Fitton has a corner office on the top floor of a state office building in Lansing, which is perhaps fitting for the person who directs the second-most expensive program in Michigan government To be clear, the corner office, like the man […]

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On Medicaid, nursing homes — and your home

There may not be a government program as misunderstood as Medicaid. The program’s name has become synonymous with government spending and with a certain connotation on “welfare” — good money going to people making bad decisions. The facts about Medicaid are far […]

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Extra attention keeps frequent fliers from landing in ERs

A groundbreaking health care clinic in Grand Rapids expects to save millions of dollars a year by targeting a chronic cause of high medical costs: patients for whom the emergency room is a virtual revolving door. Based on early results, the director […]

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Land O Links

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest” — Confucius. * From a new AARP report: “According to Genworth, the median daily rate […]

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Hey Grandpa, how about a little help?

A 5-year-old child born to a mother who has exceeded 48 months on cash assistance was being reared in destitution before the state yanked $5,000 in annual welfare benefits. A 75-year-old residing in a nursing home, meanwhile, receives $80,000 in Medicaid-funded care. Not that […]

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Henry Ford CEO says higher pay is only way to attract primary-care doctors

Nancy Schlichting, chief executive officer of the Henry Ford Health System, which handles $4.2 billion in revenues, says there are no easy answers in addressing the projected shortage of physicians in Michigan, particularly primary care physicians. Health care economics also likely will […]

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Sorry, baby: Delivery docs in short supply Up North

Kristin and Warren Scaife fishtailed along the gravel road that winds south out of Grand Marais, on the rocky shores of Lake Superior. Kristin was in labor, but she couldn’t go to the closest hospital. Helen Newberry Joy Hospital didn’t have a […]

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Guest column: Legal barriers create Michigan’s doctor shortage

By Mark D. DuBay In “Michigan gets med-school boom, doctor bust,” the author correctly points out that a doctor may not be fully licensed in this state unless a period of post graduate education, also known as a “residency,” is first completed. […]

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Democrats slip up on couple of points about Bolger, Truth Squad rules

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “End Jase Bolger’s Reign” Who: Michigan Democratic Party What: Web video Truth Squad call: Foul. Michigan Democrats have ramped up attacks on the House Republican speaker since revelation of a secretive scheme between Bolger and Grand Rapids House […]

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Truth Squad calls foul on pro-Proposal 4 ad

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “Veterans” Who: Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care, pro-Proposal 4 ballot group What: TV/Web ad Truth Squad call: Foul Proposal 4,  which would amend the state constitution to create the Michigan Quality Home Care Council, and allow home […]

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Final arguments on Proposal 4

Proposal 4 would amend the state constitution to create the Michigan Quality Home Care Council, and allow home health-care workers limited collective-bargaining rights. For full Bridge coverage of Proposal 4 — and the other statewide ballot proposals this year — visit our […]

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Job-based health coverage plummets

Linda and Ken Brauer went years without health insurance after Ken lost his job as a salesman in 2007. Ken became eligible for Medicare in January. But Linda, a 63-year-old unemployed social worker with a master’s degree, has been unable to find […]

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Snyder needs to tutor legislative Republicans on the realities of math

$52 million (Estimated net fiscal year 2023 cost of expanding Medicaid in Michigan, per the federal Affordable Care Act. The expansion would, by that date, cover more than 600,000 single adults and reduce the ranks of the uninsured in Michigan by two-thirds.) […]

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Land O Links

* The Kalamazoo Promise (which offers college scholarships) is paying dividends: “We find positive effects of the Kalamazoo Promise on Promise eligible students large enough to be deemed important—about a 9 percent increase in the probability of earning any credits and one less suspension […]

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Guest column: Medicaid expansion is good for Michigan small businesses

By Rob Fowler/SBAM The Small Business Association of Michigan supports the broadening of eligibility criteria to participate in the Medicaid program so that people under 138 percent of the poverty level can be covered. SBAM may be considered a surprising voice in […]

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Legislative Republicans worry more about ’14 primaries than in helping Snyder lead

When they hit the House floor for a vote this month, it appears doubtful that budget bills for the departments of Community Health and Transportation will contain new funding for expanding Medicaid or highway construction. Gov. Rick Snyder asked for both in […]

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Guest commentary: 10 reasons to expand Medicaid in Michigan

By Mike Vizena/Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards There are many reasons the Michigan Legislature should follow Gov. Rick Snyder’s lead on Medicaid expansion. Let me count the ways: 1. It is simply sensible public policy to tap federal funds already […]

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