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Michigan House of Representatives

Schools, colleges aren’t preparing students for careers in Michigan

Paul Hillegonds, who these days is a vice president at DTE Energy, is one of Michigan’s most plugged-in and thoughtful people. Whenever something valuable and useful is going on in our state, Paul, a former speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives, […]

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Bolger’s re-election effort gets fouls from Truth Squad

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: House 63 Who: Bill Farmer campaign, Jase Bolger campaign, Michigan Democratic Party What: TV, radio ads Truth Squad call: Fouls on Bolger TV and radio ads; No Fouls on other materials Farmer ad ‘Power’ The 30-second television advertisement […]

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Republican Party gets foul in House 91 race, Truth Squad rules

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: House 91 (Collene Lamonte vs. Holly Hughes) Who: Michigan Republican Party, Committee to Elect Collene Lamonte, Friends of Holly Hughes What: Mailers, website, video Truth Squad calls: Foul on Republican mailer; No foul on other materials “Taxpayer pockets […]

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State Republican Party gets foul in House 70 campaign, Truth Squad rules

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: Rep. Rick Outman v. Mike Huckleberry (House District 70) Who: Michigan Republican Party (radio ad); Progress Michigan (website); We Are the People, Michigan committee (mailer), Mike Huckleberry website ( What: radio ad, websites and mailers Truth Squad call: […]

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Democratic Party, but not Dem candidate, gets foul in House 52 race, Truth Squad rules

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: Mark Ouimet vs. Gretchen Driskell Who: Michigan Republican Party, Michigan Democratic Party, Friends of Gretchen Driskell What: Mailers Truth Squad call: No foul on GOP mailers. Foul on one Democratic party mailer, but not the other. No foul […]

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Everyone gets a foul in House 67 campaign, Truth Squad rules

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: Jeff Oesterle v. Tom Cochran Who: Friends of Jeff Oesterle (, Committee to Elect Tom Cochran (, Michigan Republican Pary (“Loyalties” mailer, “Sand” mailer), Michigan Democratic Party (“Example” mailer, “Polluter” mailer) What: Websites and mailers Truth Squad calls: […]

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Truth Squad finds problems in claims made in 103rd House District campaigns

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “The Rendon Record” and “Bruce Rendon” Who: Michigan Democratic Party, Bruce Rendon for State Representative What: TV ad, website Truth Squad call: Warning on Michigan Democratic Party. Foul on Rendon. This Truth Squad report covers numerous campaign materials […]

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Both sides dinged by Truth Squad in House race involving Speaker Bolger

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: House District 63 — Jase Bolger vs. Bill Farmer Who: Committee to Elect Bill Farmer (, Michigan Democratic Party (, Committee to Elect Jase Bolger ( What: Websites Truth Squad calls: Foul, Technical foul This Truth Squad report […]

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Analysis: Northern Michigan rules the House for 2013

Northern Michigan has miles of pristine Great Lakes shoreline, wineries of growing renown, the Porcupine Mountains, M-119, M-22 and the world famous Mystery Spot. What it doesn’t have much of these days are Democrats filling the region’s seats in the state House […]

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Truth Squad issues flagrant foul to Schmidt, foul to Bolger on election scheme

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: What: Public statements concerning state Representative Roy Schmidt’s political party switch. Who: Schmidt (a Grand Rapids Republican) and House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall. Truth Squad Call: Flagrant foul against Schmidt; foul against Bolger. In May, at the filing […]

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Measuring the mood in 2012

During one of the busy points of a debate over welfare benefits in Michigan, someone asked me, “What do I get out of my taxes going to this? What’s the ROI (return on investment) for welfare?” I replied, “You don’t have to […]

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Land O Links

“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours” — John Locke, 17th century English philosopher * Propublica says the EPA has a report linking fracking chemicals to an instance of groundwater contamination […]

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