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MSU dominates U-M in Legislature

The Michigan Legislature has voted over the years to designate a state rock (Petosky stone), a state tree (white pine) and even a state fossil (mastodon). If lawmakers decide to name a state university, Wolverine fans should be worried. There are almost […]

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Report: Michigan is high on price of college degrees

College graduates in Michigan and elsewhere are rightly anxious about their future job prospects — an anxiety only heightened by the piles of debt so many have accumulated while on campus. Erin Dillon, senior policy analyst for Education Sector and co-author of […]

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Pure Michigan credited with $605 million gain

Pure Michigan. The sweeping lake vistas. The woods afire with autumnal splendor. The powdery snow covering a tranquil field. And over each image, the resonant voice of  Tim Allen. And behind these ads, the state of Michigan has spent $67 million since […]

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Land O Links

“The knowledge of yourself will preserve you from vanity” — Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist, poet and playwright. * If you are wanting to start the new year in a sunny frame of mind do NOT read Joseph Stiglitz’s piece in Vanity […]

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Guest column: Communities should find tax-spend ‘niche’

By Mark Skidmore/Michigan State University Consumers instinctively look for bargains — quality products at a good price. We purchase the items that offer the right combination of price and quality we desire. This principle also hold true when we look for a […]

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Michigan is turning students into beggars

For more than a decade, Michigan’s elected officials have imposed what amounts to a severe tax on the hundreds of thousands of students who attend our public universities. The consequences of this “college user tax” – clearly amounting to millions of dollars […]

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‘College tax’ varies by campus

Michigan has 15 public universities (though three are technically part of just one university system — the University of Michigan). Students attending 12 of these 15 schools are paying a “college tax” — meaning that the annual net cost to them is […]

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‘College tax’ burdens students, state

Caroline Robinson and Barbara Twist are cousins who share far more than bloodlines. They are both seniors in college; each attends one of the top public universities in the nation. The similarities stop, however, when the tuition bills arrive. Barbara is paying […]

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Parting gift for college grads: $25k in debt

Clark Eagling has $45,000 in student loans — and he’s the lucky one in the family. His wife, Aimee Kessel, owes $90,000 for her undergraduate and graduate college education. The debt is so large that the couple may be collecting Social Security […]

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This man has power over 1 in 5 Mich. lives

Stephen Fitton has a corner office on the top floor of a state office building in Lansing, which is perhaps fitting for the person who directs the second-most expensive program in Michigan government To be clear, the corner office, like the man […]

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The people who want to serve

The Michigan State University Political Leadership Program selects interested citizens for training in how to help their neighbors as public servants. It’s a highly successful endeavor. For example, the PLP reports that around half of its graduates are serving or have served […]

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Land O Links

“The old believe everything; the middle aged suspect everything, the young know everything” — Oscar Wilde. * It’s March Madness, so everyone’s trying to figure out how to use the temporary obsession with brackets to convey interesting or amusing information. WARNING: At […]

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No easy answer on Right to Work benefits

Rep. Mike Shirkey reeled off statistics about the economic growth of Right to Work states faster than the person on the other end of the phone line could jot them all down. Shirkey, a Jackson-area Republican, also said he spent weeks anonymously […]

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Pure Michigan equals pure gold

About 50 years ago, an Illinois senator reportedly quipped, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” In 2012, in the world of Michigan tourism, the days of “a billion here” and “billion there” have apparently arrived. […]

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Legislators want to run, not pay for, Mich. universities

Spring budget treks to the State Capitol by the presidents of Michigan’s public universities weren’t always this pointless. When lawmakers appropriated half the money or more that universities spent for operations, it paid for presidents to express gratitude to the veteran legislators […]

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State’s exports lift economy as they leave

One of the biggest — and largely unheralded — signs of Michigan’s economic recovery is the state’s impressive jump in exports. The 2012 Michigan Scorecard ranked exporting as “good,” up from “average” in 2010. But the state’s performance in selling Michigan-made goods […]

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Michigan gets med-school boom, doctor bust

More doctors will be graduating from Michigan medical schools in the next decade. Whether that means more doctors practicing in Michigan is another matter. New medical schools have opened, or will open soon, at Oakland University, Central Michigan University and Western Michigan […]

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Is Michigan higher ed headed for a shakeout?

Richard Vedder is a higher ed heretic. At a time when virtually everyone is pushing for more kids to go to college, the director of the Center for College Affordability & Productivity argues the traditional college deal is not what it used […]

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