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Michigan State University

Average Michigan wage earner is $5,000 behind other Americans

When politicians talk about Michigan’s “lost decade” of the 2000s, they usually focus on the huge number of jobs shed by the state. Michigan lost 863,300 payroll jobs between April 2000 and July 2009, at the bottom of the state’s downturn, or […]

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As student debts mount, universities see little good news in state budget figures

Danielle Horton, 21, will be graduating in May from Michigan State University with a degree in social work and a debt that worries her. “I will be approximately $60,000 in debt,” says the mother of two young children. “It’s discouraging. I pray […]

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What’s up, who’s down in state economy?

While the Holland area may be better known to outsiders for its Dutch heritage and pristine Lake Michigan beaches, the locals know its economy is driven by manufacturing. The area suffered as manufacturing output fell by a third during the Great Recession. […]

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Guest column: Why is education establishment resisting school reform?

By Peter B. Ruddell/Wiener Associates It’s about the kids, not the district. Despite the Center for Michigan’s recent report and Michigan’s mediocre (but improving) education achievement, the entrenched education establishment is arguing the status quo is good for kids. This time the […]

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Is a student from China taking my kid’s college slot?

As state funding for public universities drops, do the chances of your son or daughter getting in the University of Michigan also drop? That’s the question parents are asking, as U-M and Michigan State University increase the shares of their incoming classes that are […]

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Plan calls for Pure Michigan to be big, too

The widely praised Pure Michigan advertising campaign has been credited with resurrecting the state’s tourism industry, putting Michigan on the national travel map and giving Michigan residents something to crow about. Now in its seventh year, Pure Michigan has even been called […]

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Next frontier for state tourism — the world

Sarah Nicholls said she observes an odd phenomenon every time she takes a flight from her native England to Detroit’s Metro Airport. “The vast majority of people coming from England are making connections in Detroit — very few are staying in Detroit,” […]

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Facts you might not know about Michigan’s 15 public universities

You probably didn’t know this about Michigan’s public universities: * The University of Michigan’s 90 percent graduation rate is 22 percentage points higher than the average at peer institutions. * Michigan State University’s 126-1 student-to-administrative staff ratio is nearly twice as high as peer […]

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Politicians talk about school funding, but numbers show failure of effort

Just how broken education spending in Michigan is will once again be on display when Gov. Rick Snyder next week unveils his budget for the 2014 fiscal year on Feb. 7. The school aid budget has for years now illustrated the failure […]

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How does Michigan rank on school spending?

Michigan will spend about $13 billion on K-12 education this year – the single largest use of state revenue. And how those sums will get spent next year and beyond will consume a considerable amount of attention at the Capitol, where views […]

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Right to Work bills revamp how courts handle challenges to them

In September, an Ingham County Circuit Court judge ruled against a state law backed by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican legislative majority to require state employees to make an additional payment to their pension plan. It’s not the first time that […]

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Land O Links

“I find that a great part of the information I have, was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way” – Franklin P. Adams, radio commentator. * A new report from the Michigan Agri-Business Association talks up the potential […]

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One man’s appetite for snacks leads to growing Northern Michigan firm

Ed Girrbach likes potato chips. So much so, he’s put money, determination and business acumen toward a made-in-Michigan venture that is frying 20,000 pounds of raw potatoes a week in the hills outside of Traverse City. The Great Lakes Potato Chip Co., […]

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Universities eye out-of-state budget help

Faced with tight budgets and prospective dwindling in-state enrollment, public universities across Michigan are looking beyond the state line for answers. One option, say advocates such as Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle and University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, is to […]

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Land O Links

“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile” — Abu Bakr, seventh-century Islamic political leader. * The invaluable Citizens Research Council of Michigan did a two-year study of teacher training, retention and cost issues. The report was released this summer. […]

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2012 primary draws typically low voter response

The 2012 August primary continued a long trend in Michigan — of voters abandoning the ballot box. The unofficial statewide turnout of 1,498,100 voters — or just 20.4 percent of those registered. Since 1978, the turnout in summer primaries has ranged from […]

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What’s the business case for second Detroit bridge?

Editor’s note: Gov. Rick Snyder joined Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper last Friday to announce a formal deal to start construction on a second bridge linking Detroit to Windsor, Ontario. Snyder announced his support for the span in his first weeks as […]

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Colleges’ ROI more complicated than simple math

Philip Swanson, fresh from earning his degree in civil engineering from Wayne State University, already is among a fortunate minority. While more than 50 percent of college grads under age 25 are either jobless or under-employed, Swanson has secured a full-time job […]

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