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“If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us. The free mind is not a barking dog, to be tethered on a ten-foot chain” — Adlai E. Stevenson Jr., two-time Democratic presidential […]

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Moroun family gets busy

We’re all familiar with the secret ballot in our democratic republic. Now, Michigan apparently has secret lobbying. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network reported today that it found $4.7 million in broadcast ad spending by the Detroit International Bridge Co. so far in […]

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‘Flagrant foul’ on Moroun

Another arm of the burgeoning Center for Michigan empire — the Michigan Truth Squad — today issued a “flagrant foul” against a TV ad paid for by the Detroit International Bridge Co. against the proposal to build a joint Canada-Michigan crossing between […]

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Moroun’s money writes sad tale for state

You might not think finger-pointing could make a sound of its own, but it does. High, thin and very penetrating. And it could be heard all over Lansing after last week’s vote in the Senate Economic Development Committee sunk — at least […]

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Moroun’s ‘victory’ is loss for everyone

Last week, I received a torrent of comment on my column about the astounding efforts by Manuel J. “Matty” Moroun, owner of the Ambassador Bridge, to block a new bridge over the Detroit River, which would provide competition to his very profitable […]

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Analysis: A slap in the face by the invisible hand

By Rich Robinson On one level, the vote by the Senate Economic Development Committee to defer to another day the proposed new public-private bridge betweenDetroit andWindsor looks like the triumph of ideology over commerce. Fearless libertarians who have had enough of taxation faced […]

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Delray neighborhood has hopes, worries for a new bridge

If advocates get their way, the Next International Trade Crossing bridge would be built with its U.S. terminus in the Delray neighborhood of Detroit, southwest of downtown and of the existing Ambassador Bridge. Community leaders and residents who spoke to Bridge Magazine […]

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Setting the stage for 2012’s performance

Frank Sinatra memorably sang about it being a long, long time from May to December and about the days dwindling down to a precious few.  That’s the way it is in Michigan as the darkness closes in early at the end of […]

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Land O Links

“Cleverness is not wisdom” — Euripides, playwright of ancient Greece. * Jack Lessenberry takes to the realm of Dome Magazine to explain why Michigan’s feeble campaign finance laws can’t put the interests of the few over the intentions of the many: […]

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Michigan, let’s target and sideline special interests

Travel often gives you new ways of looking at things … and that is certainly true of travel to China. My wife Kathy and I just got back from visiting our son, who lives and works in Shanghai. We were there for 10 […]

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Michigan profits from Snyder’s long view

Broad agreement has been reached on the last of the budget bills, and the Legislature will soon adjourn. The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Mackinac Island policy conference has come and gone. Summer, in other words, is almost here, a blessed pause […]

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Michigan voters could decide casino locales, emergency manager law on 2012 ballot

Sheesh. We’ve already seen a ton of dueling political TV ads already, and we’re not even into summer — which officially begins this year on June 20, the day with the most sunlight in the year. Regardless of the season, you might […]

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Snyder out-maneuvers Morouns, legislators to get critical bridge project going

So it looks as though Gov. Rick Snyder will get his bridge … which is to say that the people of Michigan will get their much-needed new bridge across the Detroit River. Obviously, this is not going to happen overnight.  Those busy […]

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What’s the business case for second Detroit bridge?

Editor’s note: Gov. Rick Snyder joined Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper last Friday to announce a formal deal to start construction on a second bridge linking Detroit to Windsor, Ontario. Snyder announced his support for the span in his first weeks as […]

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Special-interest money floods ballot-measure efforts

Voters could see as many as seven proposals to amend the Michigan Constitution or state law on this November’s ballot – or none at all. Bureaucratic and legal reviews continue of the various proposals. Regardless of how they play out, though, Michigan […]

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Across nation, big projects carry big bills, large concerns

The planned $2 billion New International Trade Crossing bridge linking Detroit and Windsor is the largest proposed infrastructure project in Michigan — and one of the 100 largest in North America. A list of the top 100 proposed infrastructure projects in North […]

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Detroit span connects state to can-do past

An effort by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Canadian government to build a $2 billion bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor may provide an answer to a burning question about infrastructure: Can a huge public works project still be built in an era […]

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Tax vote ad plays it close to the vest; no foul from Truth Squad

Who: Michigan Alliance for Prosperity What: Radio ad in favor of a ballot proposal to require supermajority tax votes Truth Squad call: No foul Questionable statements: “… the cost of living for the average family is outpacing growth in their household income. […]

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