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Political winds bolster bridge, fuel-tax review, but not renewable energy

On energy, bridges and taxes, voters spoke volumes on Tuesday. Defeat of Proposal 3 means, for the foreseeable future, that Michigan will pursue a more limited investment in wind power and renewable energy than neighboring states. Defeat of Proposal 5 means a […]

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Truth Squad: Foul on pro-Prop 6 ad; no foul on anti-Prop 6 ad

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “Katie Explains” and “This Land” Who: The People Should Decide, Taxpayers Against Monopolies What: TV/Internet ads Truth Squad call: Foul on PSD ad; No foul on TAM ad Proposal 6 would require all new international bridges and tunnels […]

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Ballot battles buried in cold, hard cash

A variety of special interests, including business and environmental groups, organized labor and — who can forget him — billionaire Manuel “Matty” Moroun have raised and spent more than $100 million in their attempts to either pass or defeat six proposals on […]

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Final arguments on Proposal 6

Proposal 6 is a constitutional amendment to require a public vote before the state of Michigan could participate in an international bridge or tunnel project. The proposal is aimed at the Next International Trade Crossing, a bridge between Detroit and Windsor that […]

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Reserve constitutional changes for serious matters; reject Props 2-6

I urge statewide voters to make a forthright statement at the polls on Nov. 6 that the Michigan Constitution is not for sale. Voting no on Proposals 2 through 6 stops special interest groups from hijacking the constitution, which is the state’s […]

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Land O Links

“To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge” — Nicolaus Copernicus, 16th century Polish scientist. * This map highlights, to my eye at least, one of […]

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Blizzard of cash obscures bridge issues

The list of supporters for the planned New International Trade Crossing in Detroit reads like a roll call of distinguished Michigan stakeholders. Five governors. Five automakers. Twenty-three chambers of commerce. The state’s largest newspapers, corporations and most influential movers and shakers all […]

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Snyder’s reinvention plans for Detroit tied up in two ballot props

A local sports page reader, commenting on the lack of attention Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown bid was receiving nationally last week, lamented: “Detroit on the whole has been nationally defined in the cultural consciousness as the ashtray of the United States.” Or […]

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Attempt to link teachers to Detroit-Windsor bridge earns flagrant foul from Truth Squad

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “So why” Who: People Should Decide, pro-Proposal 6 ballot committee What: Mailer Truth Squad call: Flagrant foul As reported previously at Truth Squad, “The People Should Decide is a ballot question committee funded, according to available campaign finance […]

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‘Steel’ ad on Proposal 6 gets technical foul from Truth Squad

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “Steel man” Who: The People Should Decide, pro-Prop 6 ballot committee What: TV/Web ad Truth Squad call: Technical foul As reported previously at Truth Squad, “The People Should Decide is a ballot question committee funded, according to available […]

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Proposal 5 would take political dysfunction in State Capitol to whole new level

Five years ago this week, Michigan lawmakers were hurtling toward their own fiscal cliff as a new budget year loomed with no spending and revenue agreement in sight. A month of legislative chaos marked by a desultory combination of boredom, tension, recrimination […]

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Truth Squad calls flagrant foul on new round of bridge ads

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: “Why People Are Voting Yes on Proposal 6“ “The People Should Decide, As Simple As That“ Who: The People Should Decide What: TV ads Truth Squad call: Flagrant foul The People Should Decide is a ballot question committee […]

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New ads on Canada bridge carry same old problem, Truth Squad rules

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: Multiple ads on bridge question Who: The People Should Decide What: Television ads Truth Squad call: Flagrant foul Questionable statement: “The bridge to Canada. $500 million just in interest payments. And with hidden costs — up to $8 […]

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Truth Squad calls foul on campaign doc opposing Snyder-backed bridge

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: People Should Decide mailer Who: The People Should Decide What: Mailer Truth Squad Call: Foul Questionable statement: “Snyder’s bridge. Not free. Not even close.” The flier is the latest salvo in a fierce political fight over a proposal […]

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Tax vote ad plays it close to the vest; no foul from Truth Squad

Who: Michigan Alliance for Prosperity What: Radio ad in favor of a ballot proposal to require supermajority tax votes Truth Squad call: No foul Questionable statements: “… the cost of living for the average family is outpacing growth in their household income. […]

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Detroit span connects state to can-do past

An effort by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Canadian government to build a $2 billion bridge connecting Detroit and Windsor may provide an answer to a burning question about infrastructure: Can a huge public works project still be built in an era […]

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Across nation, big projects carry big bills, large concerns

The planned $2 billion New International Trade Crossing bridge linking Detroit and Windsor is the largest proposed infrastructure project in Michigan — and one of the 100 largest in North America. A list of the top 100 proposed infrastructure projects in North […]

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Special-interest money floods ballot-measure efforts

Voters could see as many as seven proposals to amend the Michigan Constitution or state law on this November’s ballot – or none at all. Bureaucratic and legal reviews continue of the various proposals. Regardless of how they play out, though, Michigan […]

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