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Land O Links

*Waukesha, Wis., located about 15 miles west of Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan shoreline, wants to draw its water from the Great Lakes because its old supply is tainted with radium: “The city is the first municipality in the United States located entirely outside […]

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Land O Links

“Knowledge conquered by labor becomes a possession – a property entirely our own” — Samuel Smiles, 19th century British author. * Education Trust-Midwest advises that parents in many Michigan communities are going to be surprised, and dismayed, at new calculations on how […]

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Casino plan foes overstate ballot implications, Truth Squad says

What: Radio ads — “Don’t sign away your rights” and “Casino expansion kills Detroit jobs” Who: Protect MI Vote, an organization opposing a proposed constitutional amendment that would authorize eight private casinos, one in Detroit and seven scattered around the state, ran […]

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In Ohio, tax repeal advocates tout anecdotes

While Michigan tinkers with its tax structure in an effort to improve its business climate, its neighbor to the south already is collecting accolades and attracting investments. Site Selection magazine, in its March issue, awarded Ohio its Governor’s Cup for attracting 498 […]

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Calley: PPT plan puts Michigan ahead of Ohio

Lt. Governor Brian Calley testified last week on behalf of the Snyder administration’s proposal to phase-out the personal property tax (read business equipment tax) by 2022. The proposal is strongly backed by business groups and just as strongly opposed by groups representing […]

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Teacher pension gaps pop up around Great Lakes

As dire as conditions are for the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System, be advised it could be worse. Just look at Illinois. Across the country, pension funds are suffering from the same confluence of factors, including rising health-care costs, falling returns […]

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Smart, not tough: Reconsidering juvenile justice

As he looked around at the mix of politicians and social activists about to announce their support for reducing the number of people in Ohio’s prisons, Mike Brickner was struck by a revelation. He and other officials of the American Civil Liberties […]

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Land O Links: Prison edition

The political dynamics of each state will vary, but the trend toward changes in how states deal with prisons and holding felons is unmistakable. A few highlights from around the nation: * A full rundown, from an advocacy group, of state by […]

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Redistricting poll is no triumph

Michiganvoters want a nonpartisan commission to take charge of drawing election lines in the state — a job now tightly in the grip of the Legislature. That’s the message the Michigan Redistricting Collaborative is trumpeting from a new poll it commissioned of […]

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Michigan lost more people in 2009-10 than once thought

Larry Rosen of Public Policy Associates in Lansing recently utilized data from the Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey to analyze residential patterns for Michigan in- and out-migrants between 2009 and 2010. This analysis has drawn significant media coverage. Sometimes, though, the […]

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Political physics pulls us back to the center

It wasn’t a revolution — but it just might signify a sea change. I’m referring to the results of the Nov. 8 off-year elections, which were anxiously scrutinized for possible indicators of public mood. Would that message be a continuation of 2010’s […]

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‘No fault’ and Lansing’s fault

For a quick and thorough review of what the issues are in the push to change Michigan’s no-fault/unlimited medical coverage system for catastrophic injuries in auto accidents, check out Pat Shellenbarger’s piece last week in Bridge. Pat made two points that have […]

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Other states have tried to buy college results

Tying higher education funding to graduation rates, or even to certain types of degrees, may sound radical to Michigan policy-makers, but it’s been discussed and tried for years in other places. Here are some examples: Indiana: In 2007, our southern neighbor tied […]

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