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personal property tax

Tax shift adds to fiscal woes at city hall

After years of political wrangling over the issue, business advocates hail the phase-out of Michigan’s tax on industrial machinery and business equipment as a welcome tonic for job growth. Public officials in places like River Rouge and Warren are not so sanguine. […]

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Give Snyder credit for trying to juggle tax changes

After years of thinking up new ways to attract business with special deals, Michigan appears intent on getting out of the big money incentive game by engineering a tax code in which there is little left to abate. Before it was repealed […]

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Snyder tries again on cut for business equipment tax

In the final weeks of the legislative year, the Snyder administration is pressing ahead with a plan to cut a tax on business equipment by attempting to appease two groups: local governments that count on that money to pay for services, and […]

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Broad tax cuts won’t propel Michigan to prosperity, says economist

George Erickcek, a senior regional economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research in Kalamazoo, says Michigan might encourage more new investment by offering targeted tax credits on new manufacturing equipment rather than eliminating the personal property tax. Erickcek also says Michigan’s […]

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Guest column: Michigan’s libraries, learners will lose if tax funds aren’t replaced

By Lance Werner/Kent District Library Libraries and other organizations such as schools, police, and fire departments that provide essential tax-supported services have been working with state lawmakers for nearly a year to brainstorm ways to replace the business equipment personal property tax […]

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The poison-pill politics of the personal property tax

Michigan residents trust local government far more than they do state government, according to the latest survey released Wednesday by Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research. Nearly twice as many say they seldom or never trust state government […]

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Snyder builds tax plan on complicated tax credit math

The Snyder administration’s plan to give tax relief to businesses by reducing the personal property tax rests … on the end of tax breaks for businesses. Yes, you read that correctly. Over the next several years, Michigan will stop sending hundreds of […]

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In Ohio, tax repeal advocates tout anecdotes

While Michigan tinkers with its tax structure in an effort to improve its business climate, its neighbor to the south already is collecting accolades and attracting investments. Site Selection magazine, in its March issue, awarded Ohio its Governor’s Cup for attracting 498 […]

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Calley: PPT plan puts Michigan ahead of Ohio

Lt. Governor Brian Calley testified last week on behalf of the Snyder administration’s proposal to phase-out the personal property tax (read business equipment tax) by 2022. The proposal is strongly backed by business groups and just as strongly opposed by groups representing […]

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Will personal property tax tug-of-war drag cities into the mud?

Legislation that would phase out Michigan’s personal property tax — essentially a business equipment levy — on industrial and commercial property is working its way through the Michigan Senate. The repeal is strongly backed by business groups such as the Michigan Chamber […]

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Snyder pushes end to personal tax on business

Steve Carlson considered buying a couple of new machines for his plastic molding business near Lansing, but he and the company’s other owners decided to hold off for now. One reason, he said, is Michigan’s personal property tax on the new equipment […]

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Business, Republican leaders express confidence in personal property tax repeal

In the looming battle over Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposed personal property tax repeal, both sides agree on one thing: It’s a tax neither particularly likes. “This is an investment penalty,” said Lt. Governor Brian Calley before a Senate committee Wednesday. “The more […]

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Schools fear property tax cut will be permanent

Like many other Michigan public schools, the River Rouge School District is struggling to stay afloat. In recent years, it has laid off teachers and eliminated music, art, gym, libraries and athletics — but it’s still running a deficit. In February, voters […]

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See where personal property tax hits

Bills that would lead to the elimination of the personal property tax for almost all Michigan businesses are now before the Michigan Legislature. Business groups have expressed strong support for PPT repeal, arguing the levy on business equipment makes Michigan less competitive. A coalition of local government and school groups says the plan by the Snyder administration could strip hundreds of millions of dollars from local governments. The administration says most of those dollars will be replaced by state funds appropriated by the Legislature each year.

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Despite $300 million reduction, businesses seek relief

Michigan businesses, which have already won a $1.6 billion business tax cut, are pushing hard to repeal the state’s personal property tax on machinery, computers and other equipment. But they don’t talk much about, or even recognize, the $324 million tax cut […]

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Voters choose to tax themselves

A powerful trend in state government this year has been to take decisions that reduce the amount of money flowing to local governments; money that gets spent to provide all manner of services. Details, in fact, are still being worked out on […]

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You want police and trash service, right?

The news remains grim on the financial front for Michigan local governments. More survey data from local officials reported by the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy at U-M find Michigan’s city, township and village governments are still being battered by […]

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Schools take tax repeal personally

Elimination of the personal property tax could cost schools $548 million, according to an analysis by the non-partisan House Fiscal Agency. The state’s personal property tax isn’t really personal, but rather a tax mainly incurred by businesses for things such as commercial […]

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