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Rick Snyder

Detroit’s EM should surround himself with fresh faces, fresh thinking

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr came in with an impressive resume and a seemingly razor-sharp focus and determination to right the city’s finances. He is an “outsider” who was viewed as independent and detached enough to make decisions independent of the political […]

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With tough decisions, GOP lawmakers put Michigan on path for better future

Why won’t politicians tackle tough issues? Why won’t the Legislature look long-term? Why does government take the easy route? Looking only at current public discourse, it’s easy to understand why those questions are asked. But now is a different time in Michigan’s […]

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Republicans hold the wheel, are driving Michigan into the ditch

Republicans hold an absolute monopoly on power in the state of Michigan. With majorities in the House and Senate and with a Republican in the governor’s office, they are positioned to do whatever they wish. Yet, Republicans still struggle to check items […]

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Land O Links

*This was not the kind of national press Gov. Rick Snyder was expecting about his return from a business trip to Israel: “The move was a snub to Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who has championed the expansion, which states are entitled to […]

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Mix school choice, state incentives and you get a $400,000 high-schooler

In Birmingham, the school district got $440,000 for one out-of-town high-schooler. In nearby Novi, the schools received $320,000 for an empty desk. That’s what you get when you mix a governor’s reform agenda with schools threading the needle between school choice and […]

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Guest commentary: Detroit’s art treasures represent legacy we must protect

By Maud Lyon/CultureSource For 128 years, men and women have given works of art to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Why would people give the art they have collected and treasured to a publicly owned collection, or give money to buy art?  […]

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Schoolchildren shuttle across SE Michigan, raising questions about funding, community identity

Oak Park Schools might want to rebrand itself as Grand Central Station. Each morning in the school year that just ended, 2,121 students from outside Oak Park traveled into the district for their education, filling 48 percent of the desks. Each morning, […]

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Land O Links

*Waukesha, Wis., located about 15 miles west of Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan shoreline, wants to draw its water from the Great Lakes because its old supply is tainted with radium: “The city is the first municipality in the United States located entirely outside […]

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Guest commentary: Preschool funding boost praised, but there’s work to do for Michigan’s 0-3’s

By Mina Hong/Michigan’s Children and Scott Menzel/MAISA The Legislature recently approved an historic expansion of the Great Start Readiness Program – the state’s preschool program for 4-year-olds at risk of being underprepared for kindergarten.  This $65 million increase – a 60 percent […]

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5 reasons to be focused on health of Great Lakes every week

Two significant Great Lakes events happened in Michigan in the last two weeks. We should all be spreading the word and encouraging more of the same. A summit of the governors and premiers of the Great Lakes states and provinces convened on […]

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Uninsured watch anxiously as Medicaid debate rolls on

Greg Hunt does not consider himself a gambler. But, in the back of his mind, the 25-year-old Kent County resident knows he is one health crisis removed from thousands of dollars in medical bills he can’t pay.  Given that he has Addison’s […]

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Michigan gets high marks for private management of Medicaid

About 30 years after Congress authorized Medicaid, then-Gov. John Engler launched reforms that would change the face of its coverage in Michigan. Before 1997, the state operated a “fee-for-service” plan that paid costs of Medicaid patients as they were incurred. Although they […]

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Just get it done on Medicaid expansion

On Feb. 6, Gov. Rick Snyder announced his support for expanding Medicaid as envisioned in the Affordable Care Act. In his announcement, he talked about how the expansion would help hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan (our own estimates at the […]

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Snyder needs to tell Legislature that budget is far from finished

A governor working in a politically divided government often has no choice but to concede some measure of power to a legislative chamber controlled by the opposition party. When government is unified, a governor has two choices in pursuit of policy aims: […]

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‘Sanity caucus’ shepherds preschool reform, dollars through capital gridlock

I’ve had a few days now to mull over the goings-on at last week’s annual Mackinac Island Policy Conference. Much of the talk on the enormous porch of the magnificent Grand Hotel was how our political system seems incapable of dealing with big […]

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Land O Links

*Confused about the claims over school funding? Is it going up, as Gov. Rick Snyder and allies claim, or down, as school groups say? The nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan dives into the numbers to offer an answer: Per pupil funding […]

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Guest commentary: Will there ever be a good time to fund road repairs?

By Craig Thiel/Anderson Economic Group A long-term funding fix to Michigan’s deteriorating road and bridge infrastructure system can’t seem to catch a break. For much of the last decade, Michigan’s anemic economic performance made the prospect of raising the necessary revenues to […]

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State adopts ‘nation’s largest’ expansion of early childhood funding

Ten thousand additional Michigan 4-year-olds will be in classrooms next school year, after Republican and Democratic legislators Wednesday passed the largest expansion in early childhood education in the nation. The $65 million expansion for the 2013-14 budget year is a major victory […]

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