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Momentum builds at Capitol for teacher tenure changes

(Originally published June 21, 2011) Over the past two years, the State Tenure Commission has sided with the school district in every case where the district sought to fire a teacher specifically for poor performance in the classroom. All four.   And […]

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Don’t count out early education

(Originally published Feb. 3, 2011) By Susan J. Demas How’s this for a contrast? Last year, the Early Childhood Investment Corp. (ECIC) released a study showing that Michigan’s budget saves a whopping $805 million because of pre-K programs. And yet in fiscal […]

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Jobs of the future: Where they’ll be in Michigan

Jim Danielski tells horror stories, but not the kind shared with toasted marshmallows around a campfire.  Danielski’s horror stories are the kind that should keep Gov. Rick Snyder awake at night. At his career counseling center in Plymouth, Danielski sees a steady […]

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Michigan can’t fit college grads into job slots

If Amy Dobson is a rock and Gentex is a hard place, Gov. Rick Snyder is stuck between them. Dobson, an effervescent 23-year-old from Okemos, finished a five-year degree program in education from Michigan State University last spring.  Despite holding a bachelor’s […]

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Pure slacking — Michigan falters on conservation

Images of children frolicking on scenic beaches fill a television screen as the soothing voice of actor Tim Allen narrates the commercial promoting Michigan as the place to spend “the perfect summer.” A line you won’t hear Allen speak: Beach closures due […]

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Is reform of liquor rules already in trouble?

Gov. Rick Snyder and his team are eying Michigan’s antiquated liquor control regulations. The governor appointed an advisory panel to study streamlining regulations to make them more business-friendly. He appointed a new head of the Liquor Control Commission from the Michigan Restaurant […]

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DOC director targets prisoner work problem

Corrections Director Dan Heyns says the Michigan State Industries — the prison system’s work for inmates arm — is in need of change. (See this mlive.com summary of a report from Gongwer News Service.) The Center for Michigan reported on the continuing […]

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It’s time to invest in Michigan Inc.

The dwindling Lansing press corps experienced a brief tremble of excitement last week when Gov. Rick Snyder indicated he might not run for re-election if he completes his agenda in four years. “Report: Snyder may not seek re-election if agenda complete,” headlined […]

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Obama’s job advisers note skill mismatch

President Obama has a new report from his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. (Alert, it’s a 4MB report). Initiative Five in the report will be familiar to Bridge readers: Matching talent to the skills needed in the marketplace. “While the United States […]

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Land O Links

“Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man” — William Penn, founder of the colony of Pennsylvania, and the ultimate cause of many incorrect answers on grammar-school spelling exams. * More worries from local government leaders about their finances if Gov. Rick […]

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You want police and trash service, right?

The news remains grim on the financial front for Michigan local governments. More survey data from local officials reported by the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy at U-M find Michigan’s city, township and village governments are still being battered by […]

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Moroun’s money writes sad tale for state

You might not think finger-pointing could make a sound of its own, but it does. High, thin and very penetrating. And it could be heard all over Lansing after last week’s vote in the Senate Economic Development Committee sunk — at least […]

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Quiet settles over environmental debate at Capitol

Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature have gone big on many issues so far this year — taxes, public employee benefits and education, to name a few — but one area that has drawn less attention has been their work on bills […]

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Moroun’s ‘victory’ is loss for everyone

Last week, I received a torrent of comment on my column about the astounding efforts by Manuel J. “Matty” Moroun, owner of the Ambassador Bridge, to block a new bridge over the Detroit River, which would provide competition to his very profitable […]

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Land O Links

“It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge which determines the mind’s dignity” — William Ellery Channing, an American writer. * “Michigan now consistently ranks in the bottom of states in both performance and improvement in student achievement, after a […]

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Will they ever work again?

File this under depressing chart of the day: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/11/chart-of-the-day-long-term-unemployment-is-a-huge-problem—-especially-if-youre-old.php?ref=fpa About 1 in 3 of the officially jobless have now been without work for more than a year. For the context: The previous high for that figure in the last half-century was about […]

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Recall election didn’t resolve anything

By Peter Luke Gov. Rick Snyder’s campaign vow to change the political culture that governs Lansing suffered the same dismal fate as former Rep. Paul Scott this week. The Grand Blanc Republican surrendered his office Wednesday less than 12 hours after conceding […]

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Political physics pulls us back to the center

It wasn’t a revolution — but it just might signify a sea change. I’m referring to the results of the Nov. 8 off-year elections, which were anxiously scrutinized for possible indicators of public mood. Would that message be a continuation of 2010’s […]

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