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Despite $300 million reduction, businesses seek relief

Michigan businesses, which have already won a $1.6 billion business tax cut, are pushing hard to repeal the state’s personal property tax on machinery, computers and other equipment. But they don’t talk much about, or even recognize, the $324 million tax cut […]

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$1.6 billion shaved off Michigan property tax bills

Thousands of Michigan home and business owners have been the recipients of hundreds of millions of dollars in property tax cuts in recent years — a savings that few seem to recognize. Property owners in the state as a whole have seen […]

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‘Shadow Tax Cut’ deepens local budget crises

A $900 million cut in property tax revenues since 2007, the “Shadow Tax Cut,” has devastated the budgets of local governments that heavily rely on these taxes to provide police and fire protection — and a host of other services. They’ve laid […]

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Analysis: Michigan makes huge strides in 2011

By Phil Power/Center for Michigan and Doug Rothwell/Business Leaders for Michigan Michigan has much to be thankful for as this year comes to a close: Better managed state and local government, a brighter economic outlook and more efficient delivery of public services. Our […]

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Snyder gets his changes; consequences unclear

Michigan won’t be reinvented in a day. Or a dog year. But as Gov. Rick Snyder concludes his first (human) year in office, the general course he defined as a candidate is coming into view as legislative markers are set. Eight years […]

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Snyder team reads Bridge

Perhaps a bit lost in the post Thanksgiving haze, or pre-Christmas shopping rush, Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled last week his message and plans for upgrading the talent and opportunities in Michigan. For a complete text of the message, click here. I will […]

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Delray neighborhood has hopes, worries for a new bridge

If advocates get their way, the Next International Trade Crossing bridge would be built with its U.S. terminus in the Delray neighborhood of Detroit, southwest of downtown and of the existing Ambassador Bridge. Community leaders and residents who spoke to Bridge Magazine […]

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Merger bills won’t change names on fire trucks — yet

For years, officials charged with managing local government services and finances have pointed to a variety of provisions in state law they say make the sharing of services with neighbors financially unappealing. With Gov. Rick Snyder’s signature last week on a set […]

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Setting the stage for 2012’s performance

Frank Sinatra memorably sang about it being a long, long time from May to December and about the days dwindling down to a precious few.  That’s the way it is in Michigan as the darkness closes in early at the end of […]

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Land O Links

“The more extensive a man’s knowledge of what has been done, the greater will be his power of knowing what to do” — Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British prime minister, author and noted clothes horse. * The New York Times Magazine visits […]

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Measuring the mood in 2012

During one of the busy points of a debate over welfare benefits in Michigan, someone asked me, “What do I get out of my taxes going to this? What’s the ROI (return on investment) for welfare?” I replied, “You don’t have to […]

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Snyder puts end to ‘moderate’ tag

Gongwer just reported that Gov. Rick Snyder has signed the legislation that bars local governments from making their own decisions on whether to offer benefits to adult partners of their employees. (No link; Gongwer is paywall protected.) He did this even though […]

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Michigan needs productive ‘midlife crisis’

“Today, the country is middle-aged but self-indulgent. Bad habits have accumulated.  Interest groups have emerged to protect the status quo. The job is to restore old disciplines, strip away decaying structures and reform the welfare state. The country needs a productive midlife crisis” — David […]

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Criticism mounts against Michigan Works

Jacora Seymore needs a job. Larry Harb needs an employee. Both have tried meeting their needs — so far without success — through the Michigan Works program, the network of agencies charged with matching Michigan’s unemployed with employers. Seymore, a single mother, […]

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Guest column: Michigan Works agencies fill job slots

By Christine Quinn and Charlotte “Charlie” Mahoney/Michigan Works Association When reading the recent article in Bridge about both perceptions and realities regarding our state’s workforce development efforts, we remembered advice the 19th century abolitionist Henry Ward Beecher once offered his colleagues, “hold […]

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‘College tax’ burdens students, state

Caroline Robinson and Barbara Twist are cousins who share far more than bloodlines. They are both seniors in college; each attends one of the top public universities in the nation. The similarities stop, however, when the tuition bills arrive. Barbara is paying […]

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Snyder will dance with social conservatives in 2012

Gov. Rick Snyder’s quest to reinvent Michigan apparently won’t be extended to his own Republican Party. Given the chance to confirm the suspicions of cultural conservatives that he’s a different kind of Republican far more concerned with rebuilding the economy than deploying […]

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Deja vu: Biz tax cuts head agenda in Lansing

“At the end of the day, we’ll be a stronger, more vibrant state,” Gov. Rick Snyder asserted a year ago in his first State of the State speech that offered the first outlines of his 2011 legislative agenda. But he didn’t say […]

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