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Political physics pulls us back to the center

It wasn’t a revolution — but it just might signify a sea change. I’m referring to the results of the Nov. 8 off-year elections, which were anxiously scrutinized for possible indicators of public mood. Would that message be a continuation of 2010’s […]

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Right to Work sparks political frenzy

Supporters of a proposal to end compulsory union membership had high hopes that neighboring Indiana’s recent adoption of Right to Work legislation would lead Michigan to soon follow the Hoosier state’s lead. That all changed on March 6 when a group backed […]

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Who’s right on Right to Work?

The recent decision by Indiana to become the 23rd state (and first in the Great Lakes region) to enact a Right to Work law had Lansing buzzing this winter that Michigan may soon be the next. At least one legislator was preparing […]

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No easy answer on Right to Work benefits

Rep. Mike Shirkey reeled off statistics about the economic growth of Right to Work states faster than the person on the other end of the phone line could jot them all down. Shirkey, a Jackson-area Republican, also said he spent weeks anonymously […]

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Local govn’ts say union relations are fine

There’s been plenty of speculation about the prospects for, and motivation behind, Right Work legislation in Michigan. Why a big puswh on unionization rules since those rates have been dropping for years? And it can’t pass unnoticed that the Right to Work effort […]

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Land O Links

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful” — Samuel Johnson, 18th century English essayist. * In our increasingly “yes/no” political world, let’s start off today with a thought experiment about “maybe.” Settle in. What […]

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Michigan profits from Snyder’s long view

Broad agreement has been reached on the last of the budget bills, and the Legislature will soon adjourn. The Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Mackinac Island policy conference has come and gone. Summer, in other words, is almost here, a blessed pause […]

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Michigan voters could decide casino locales, emergency manager law on 2012 ballot

Sheesh. We’ve already seen a ton of dueling political TV ads already, and we’re not even into summer — which officially begins this year on June 20, the day with the most sunlight in the year. Regardless of the season, you might […]

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Genesis of Prop 2 found in Right to Work debate

For years, it was unthinkable that Michigan, the cradle of the labor movement, might ever become a Right to Work state. Union workers helped build the state, union power shaped its politics and the idea of severing the two would be like […]

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Bid to head off ‘Right to Work’ may propel its adoption in Michigan

While voters defeated proposals to lock collective bargaining rights in the constitution and restore bargaining rights to home health workers on Tuesday, the battle over labor rules is far from over in Michigan. The defeat of Proposal 2, the collective bargaining ballot […]

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Legislature poised to act on Right to Work

The Legislature opened its 2012 “lame duck” session this week. Where’s that phrase come from, anyway? Well, it was first used as a down-on-his-luck stockbroker, since an injured duck who cannot keep up with the flock is an easy target for predators. […]

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Interest high in Right to Work; gains unclear

Gov. Rick Snyder has engaged in some shuttle diplomacy in recent days, talking with opponents and supporters of Right to Work, which limits requirements for participation in union activities by employees. RTW is something the governor has repeatedly said is divisive and […]

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Truth Squad calls tech foul on pro-RTW ads

MICHIGAN TRUTH SQUAD ANALYSIS: Pro-Right to Work ads Who: Michigan Freedom Fund What: Radio and TV ad Truth Squad call: Technical foul The debate over Right to Work legislation has spilled out from the State Capitol and onto the state’s airwaves. Michigan […]

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Land O Links — RTW edition

Michigan’s dash to become the 24th Right to Work state — and the physical and political turmoil in Lansing last week surrounding it — drew plenty of attention from the national media. * In “Rick Snyder, Michigan’s reluctant union-buster,” Alec MacGillis of The […]

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Michigan still needs action on schools, universities, Detroit

It is what it is. I am referring, of course, to the political firestorm that has engulfed Michigan ever since Gov. Rick Snyder announced he would sign Right To Work (or Freedom To Work, if you prefer) when legislation ending the union […]

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On RTW, money talked, GOP answered

Why is a conservative Republican Legislature enacting a pro-business agenda that breaks the mold by embracing Right to Work laws? Because the GOP has the votes in the House and Senate to put it on Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk for his signature. […]

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Right to Work bills revamp how courts handle challenges to them

In September, an Ingham County Circuit Court judge ruled against a state law backed by Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican legislative majority to require state employees to make an additional payment to their pension plan. It’s not the first time that […]

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Right to Work bills won’t touch State Police

Thousands of union workers converged on Lansing Tuesday to protest the passage of Right to Work legislation. They stood on a Capitol grounds well-populated with Michigan State Police troopers – troopers who, ironically, are not only unionized themselves, but insulated from the […]

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