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2013 Academic State Champs

Bridge ranks every school district and charter in the state by how much their students overachieve or underachieve academically, based on their socioeconomic status. The results may surprise you.

Michigan’s most overachieving schools: is your school an Academic State Champ?

One is a rural northern Michigan school district receiving the minimum state funding per student. Another is nestled in a wealthy suburban enclave populated with professors and physicians. Several more are charter schools serving low-income students of Middle-Eastern backgrounds. All are among […]

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Academic state champs: Top 10 lists

What are the top 10 charter schools in the state? The top 10 affluent school districts? What schools get the most academic achievement from their fourth-graders? The winners, ranging from small rural districts to urban charter schools, are the state’s best at […]

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Searchable Database: Academic State Champs

Fifty-four Michigan public school districts and charters were named 2013 Academic State Champions. Winners represented the top 10 percent of districts and charters in a database created by Bridge Magazine and Public Sector Consultants that used test scores and socioeconomic status to […]

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