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Benchmark Detroit: Vital signs

Once a thriving city and the center of the state’s economy, Detroit it is now mired in debt, many of its neighborhoods shattered. Bridge and the Detroit Journalism Cooperative, are going to be measuring whether the work of Duggan, Orr and others is making a difference.

Benchmark Detroit: Charting Detroit’s path from rock bottom

Mayor Duggan vows to improve services in six months. We have broader ambitions – to mark where Detroit stands today on jobs, safety and other key measures, then hold leaders accountable in the year ahead.

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Benchmark: City services

Detroit’s new mayor and City Council are taking ownership of fixing street lights, blight and bus service within six months. Can they succeed where others failed?

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Benchmark: Public safety

Money may not solve everything, but it would sure help ordinary Detroiters when they need working fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. Bankruptcy savings may provide a real boost.

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Benchmark: Jobs

High unemployment and a modestly educated workforce present a tough challenge. A push to attract highly skilled immigrants may boost job hopes.

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Benchmark: Schools

Decades of reform have failed to boost student learning in Detroit’s struggling public schools. Will improved teacher training help?

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Benchmark: Livability

What makes a city appealing can’t always be measured: Community spirit. Inviting parks. A vibrant cultural scene. Now, if only leaders could do something about Detroit’s insurance and tax rates.

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