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Inside the rise of Michigan’s Tea Party

The power struggle inside Michigan’s capitol has shifted in the past three years. For generations, it was Democrat vs. Republican. Now, it’s often Tea Party versus Republican. And the soul of the GOP is at stake in the 2014 statewide elections and beyond.

Taxing tensions in Troy

Jennifer Hilzinger is one of many Troy residents who sometimes can’t understand what’s going on in her hometown. One minute she’s living in the place she chose for its diversity, for its fine schools, for its friendly mix of amenities. The next, […]

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Will Tea Party have the legs to grab the GOP?

The lead headline said it all: “Michigan’s Tea Party battles for GOP’s soul.” In a recent series in The Center for Michigan’s Bridge magazine, reporter Pat Shellenbarger detailed the remarkable rise of the Tea Party from a little bunch of noisy right-wingers […]

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The Tea Party’s tepid relations with Michigan business groups

As the Tea Party has gained political profile and headlines, it has crossed swords with business groups that would seem to be natural allies in the push for conservative policies. “Long before the Tea Party, the business community was the voice of […]

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Tea Party teamwork: money and foot soldiers

A Tea Party member had a question for the moderator of a recent meeting. “Can’t we get rid of all these lobbyists?” he asked. Why can’t we outlaw them, he wondered, run them out of the state capitol and break the backs […]

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Michigan’s Tea Party battles for GOP’s soul

It’s the second Saturday of August, as a group of political newcomers gathers in a classroom of a Baptist school near Lansing. They are plotting a political coup. Among their many goals, they want to dump Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and […]

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Kitchen table politics: Tea Party leverages social media to advance causes

From a corner of her dining room, Joan Fabiano directs a Tea Party group she founded called Grassroots in Michigan. “This is command central,” she said, pointing to a desktop computer on a small table. She has no budget, no bylaws, no […]

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