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Michigan speaks

The citizens’ agenda for the 2014 elections: The results of the Center for Michigan’s Community Conversations, polling and online conversation to reflect what Michigan residents want their lawmakers to focus on this year.

WATCH: MiWeek coverage of “Michigan Speaks”

The Center for Michigan’s own John Bebow was a guest on Detroit Public Television’s MiWeek show to discuss the findings of “Michigan Speaks.” Watch the complete interview here…

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Michigan residents consumed with improving education, college affordability

Michigan residents demand the state do something to improve schools, align training to the jobs available, and make college more affordable for students and their families.

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Find way to help the poor, conversation participants say

Michigan was always a place where anyone willing to work could make a decent living. No more, and it’s affecting the state’s quality of life.

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Michigan Speaks 2014 – A road map for Lansing

More than 5,500 residents from all corners of Michigan spoke to the Center for Michigan in Community Conversations, polling and online talks. Lawmakers in Lansing would do well to hear their voices.

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Public to politicians: Fix our roads!

Michigan residents are sending politicians the clear message that it’s time to spend more on the state’s deteriorating roads. Even if it means raising taxes.

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No consensus for raising – or cutting – taxes in 2014

A majority of residents are sending politicians a clear message that it’s time to spend more on Michigan roads. Even if it means raising taxes.

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