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Michigan’s Christmas Carol

Want a job in the next decade? Get an education, or get in line for food stamps. Slow job growth is projected through 2023, with decreases in pay for low-skill jobs. To change that fate will require more investment – in schools and roads, for starters.

Future job growth favors West Michigan

  Michigan’s economic axis is tilting west, which will likely create thousands of good-to-high-paying jobs in the Grand Rapids and Traverse City regions, as well as Ann Arbor, over the next decade. While metro Detroit is expected to add the largest number […]

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Interactive Map: Job Growth by Region

Not every region in the state will fare the same in the next decade, according to job projections done for Bridge Magazine. Below are three looks at the forecasts. In the top graphic, we compare a region’s jobs to its respective population. […]

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Plenty of jobs for those with few choices

Many of the fastest-growing jobs in Michigan in the coming decade will be jobs most people won’t want – with pay so low that many workers will qualify for food stamps. A Bridge Magazine analysis of job projections found that four of […]

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Six things Michigan could do to build better-paying jobs

What’s on our Christmas list? Six things experts say would help turn around Michigan’s dismal jobs forecast. Improve early reading Reading proficiency in early grades has a huge impact on academic success. Invest in intensive intervention as needed in schools, and encourage […]

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Michigan’s Christmas Carol: A scary look at our jobs outlook

This is not a holiday story Gov. Rick Snyder wants to read to his children. Continued shrinking of the state’s famed middle-class factory jobs. Fast-growing occupations that pay so little, workers may qualify for food stamps. Job growth that ranks 49th in […]

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Hot job prospects of the future

These Michigan jobs are expected to be most in demand over the next decade at each education level, from high school to graduate school. (click image below to advance through slides.) High School or less Description 2023 Jobs Projected openings over next […]

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For career success, higher degree means higher earnings

The charts don’t lie: If you want to have a decent shot at a decent living in Michigan, you must be prepared to sit in a classroom – virtual or otherwise – the rest of your life. Standing still means falling behind […]

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Community college degrees in demand

To see the difference between yesterday’s skilled-trade career and today’s, Michael Hansen offers what’s happening at BOSS Products, a snowplow manufacturer in Iron Mountain. The president of the Michigan Community College Association describes entering a welding shop, expecting to see “guys in […]

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Michigan needs more college grads to attract good jobs

Bridge: Michigan lost a higher percentage of jobs in the recession than other states, and Michigan is projected to gain fewer jobs than 48 states in the next decade. What’s going on here? The state’s goal may be more and better jobs, […]

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