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School choice

As school choice has taken hold, Detroiters have voted with their feet. Five neighboring school districts now have at least 25 percent of their enrollment from Detroit. Another eight have at least 10 percent.As the Michigan Legislature continues to focus on yet more choice options, how has this huge choice experiment worked out in Metro Detroit?

Mix school choice, state incentives and you get a $400,000 high-schooler

In Birmingham, the school district got $440,000 for one out-of-town high-schooler. In nearby Novi, the schools received $320,000 for an empty desk. That’s what you get when you mix a governor’s reform agenda with schools threading the needle between school choice and […]

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Fortress Grosse Pointe: In world of school choice, community says ‘stay out’

GROSSE POINTE — When Dan Roeske was running for the Grosse Pointe Public Schools board in 2011, he found himself addressing a PTO group at Poupard Elementary, one of the district’s 13 schools. A woman asked bluntly about one of the district’s […]

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School experts wrestle with choice, early ed policies (with video)

A capacity audience of parents and education leaders turned out for a televised townhall in Wixom Wednesday, co-hosted by the Center for Michigan and Detroit Public Television. The agenda of the session was to review and analyze the findings in CFM’s latest […]

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