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University of Michigan

Michigan has to catch tech wave transforming learning

Reduced to essentials, here’s what happens in most American schools and universities: A “teacher” appears  before a group of pupils and talks, making notes on a board or putting up images, while students take notes. Classes range in size from 20 to […]

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Wayne County’s economy is doing better than you think

There has been an unrelenting dose of bad news in local newspapers and on national television about the city of Detroit’s financial difficulties, but one measure of business establishment employment in Wayne County is showing relatively healthy growth. And if the city […]

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One-two punch for Michigan students: more loans, high interest rates

Michigan’s student debt problem is getting worse, with college kids borrowing almost $1.9 billion. In just one year. At the state’s public universities alone. The tab is even bigger than it sounds. A Bridge Magazine analysis of loan data reveals that the […]

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*On the subject of death, surveys show most people will agree to practically any “life-saving” treatment available. Doctors, by contrast, would reject almost all of the current treatments in such situations, except for pain meds. Why?: “First, few non-physicians actually understand how […]

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Pipefitter’s daughter from Downriver becomes potent advocate for Michigan prisoners

It began as a favor to a dying friend. But Deborah LaBelle’s decision in 1985 to take over a federal lawsuit at the request of attorney Judith Magid has since evolved into a 28-year legal crusade that has improved the quality of […]

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Children’s departure is part of the cycle of life

I reared my children to be independent and adventuresome, and look what happened: They became independent and adventuresome — and left Michigan. So, when Fathers’ Day rolls around, I must settle for phone calls and cards, and take a rain check on […]

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*Maybe this is a great idea for Atlanta, Ga., and maybe it isn’t. But just note the difference in ambition between this project and Michigan’s inability to figure out a reliable funding stream to fix the transport net it now has: “His vision […]

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*Home prices are rising across the country again – even in Detroit. The city saw an 18.5 percent increase over the last year in home prices, tracking nicely with the recoveries seen in other epicenters of the housing crash: Las Vegas, 20.6 […]

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Youth Action Committees give teens head start on philanthropy

High school clubs have come a long way since I was a teenager. Even my progressive alma mater, East Lansing High — with its artsy, cerebral, diverse options — didn’t offer me the chance to be a philanthropist. But that’s exactly what […]

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Guest commentary: Survey finds hostile political rhetoric erodes trust in government

By Tom Ivacko/Center for Local, State and Urban Policy Government of the people?  For the people?  By the people? Unfortunately, not many of the people appear to be for the government at this point. The percentage of Americans who trust the federal […]

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Oregon Medicaid study shows value of investment in mental health

Recent reports about a Medicaid experiment in Oregon reveal a major disconnect we have in the health care world: we make a historic — and unwarranted — distinction between “physical health” and “mental health.” Worse, that distinction actually interferes with both our […]

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Survey: Michigan can do much better on volunteering, being neighborly

Fewer Michigan residents may be freely offering their time and energy to good causes — or even saying hello to the senior citizen down the block — a recently released study on volunteerism and social interaction has found. In fact, the 2012 […]

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A few words of (hopefully) wisdom for Michigan’s graduates

It’s graduation season – and last Friday, I had the honor of giving a commencement address to those earning economics degrees at the University of Michigan. There’s an old joke that plagiarism is when you steal from one author; research is when […]

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Research: Politicians have little idea what voters are thinking

Politicians aren’t particularly adept at knowing the views of their own constituents – and conservative politicians are the least adept of the bunch. Those are some of the major findings of a recently released research paper co-authored by a graduate student at […]

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Land O Links

*Of all the … the federal government has been giving students money to mess around with experiments in burning animal dung. That’s one way to look at it. Here’s another: Michigan Tech students used grants from the Environmental Protection Agency to study […]

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Michigan’s STD belt: It’s not what you think

A line of Michigan counties, stretching along Interstate 94 from the Detroit River west to Lake Michigan, carries a dubious distinction: some of the highest rates of a sexually transmitted disease in the Great Lakes State. This phenomenon – an (un)chastity belt, […]

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Mental health policy is wild card in gun safety

On his way home to Chicago, University of Michigan student Kevin Heisinger stepped off Indian Trails bus no. 4560 and walked into the restroom of a Kalamazoo bus station. There he was beaten to death by a paranoid schizophrenic man who was […]

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